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What you get as a member of the Richard Simmons Clubhouse!



SCHEDULED LIVE CHATS  You'll get lots of support from chats!  In chat you'll share your joys, your sorrows, your strengths, your weaknesses, your challenges, your successes and, of course, lots of laughter, too! Most Monday evenings you'll find a staff member hosting an informal chat and sometimes my webbies host their own scheduled chats.  Watch the message boards for info! Hey, losing weight is serious business, but, you've got to keep your sense of humor with you all the time.  Chats can help to make this job fun!
24/7 CHAT ROOMS   Want more? You'll get support from your webbie friends in the chat rooms for unscheduled chats too! Drop in anytime!  Invite your friends!  The chat rooms are open 24 hours a day every day of the week, just like your local 7-Eleven convenience store! Only difference is, instead of junk food up and down the aisles, in my chat rooms, you'll be feasting on friendship. (No extra calories there!)
MESSAGE BOARDS You'll get even more support from your webbie friends on our message boards! Whether you're simply peeking in to read what others have to say, jumping in with a comment or two of your own to someone else's post, or just screaming for help, you'll learn a lot! Plus, you'll have lots of fun!  It’s always a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the clubhouse, and what’s going on with the other webbies!  Members can also upload their photos to our member photo gallery!
WEBBIE AWARDS If you visit my message boards, and read some of the posts, you will notice many of my webbies have little awards on their posts for things like losing a certain number of pounds, hosting a webbie chat,…oh…lots of things. That’s just another way I have to help you stay motivated and help you remember how important it is to participate. And once you’re a clubhouse member, you can start earning your awards too!
DAILY MESSAGE ARCHIVES   You'll get support from me in my Daily Message Archives! For almost 20 years, I wrote my Motivational Daily Messages.  That's enough time to cover....well....just about everything! They range from stories of inspiring individuals I've met during my travels to practical advice about sticking with your exercise routine. I'll teach you everything from new ways to spice up that old chicken breast, to sometimes sharing stories just to make you smile or even laugh. When you join my clubhouse, you'll have access to every single message. And my messages are completely searchable by words or phrases!
ONLINE FOODMOVER PROGRAM  It's so easy to follow my FoodMover program when you join my clubhouse! I've created an online FoodMover just for you! It's never been easier or more fun for you to keep up with your exchanges. With the click of your mouse, you can see exactly which exchanges you've already used and how many you have left for the day!
FOOD EXCHANGE PAGES   Did you leave home without your FoodMover booklets? Need to look up a food you aren’t sure about? Well never fear, my food exchange pages are right here in the clubhouse and you can look up your food online!
PRINTABLE FOODSHEETS  I'm not done yet. With your Clubhouse membership, if you choose to use my Food Sheets feature, they are printable, portable and oh-so personal...not to mention convenient! They're as easy to carry around with you as your FoodMover. Plus you can put them where they'll do you the most good, like on your refrigerator door or you could make a spot for them in the pantry. That way, they'll always be handy to keep you motivated and in charge of that food! They are also great to use for meal planning!
HEALTHY RECIPES   What's that? You say you want low cal, healthy, tasty recipes for you and your family? Help is on the way! You'll get support in the kitchen from Richard’s Recipes! Browse through the Recipe Archives! Go ahead and scratch that trip to Barnes & Noble! I have a virtual cookbook for you right here in my Clubhouse! And when you find a recipe you like, you’ll be able to add it to your own personal, online recipe box.
MEAL PLANS   As I've already told you, Clubhouse Members have access to hundreds of delicious, FoodMover Friendly Recipes, an online FoodMover, and FoodMover Instructions. That's enough, right?  But, Clubhouse Members also receive meal plans based on your own personal calorie level! That's right; you get Menu Plans that provide 3 meals and 2 snacks every day!  So, you can choose to plan your own meals… or let us do the planning for you!
SWEATIN’ TIPS and INFO In the Sweatin’ Section of my clubhouse, you’ll have access to information about different types of exercise moves, a perceived exertion chart, and the answers to my Frequently Asked Questions about Sweatin’.
MY PROFILE / WEIGHT TRACKER Need to plan your Weight Loss Journey? Well, as a member of my Clubhouse, just fill out the My Profile page in the My Clubhouse Tools Section,  and you'll get a good look at where you are now and guidelines to help you decide exactly where you want to go!  You’ll be able to update your weight as you lose, and watch those pounds drop on your Weight Tracker page. 
MY JOURNAL  As a Clubhouse Member, you will have your very own private online journal in the Clubhouse! You'll never have to worry about anyone else finding it and reading it. No siree, because it's locked, and only you can open it with your clubhouse password! I always tell you to write about what you're eating, how much you're exercising, and how you`re feeling, and now I'm giving you a convenient way to do that.  
NEWS, TIPS, and MORE   Last, but certainly not least is the fact that my clubhouse members are always the first to hear my latest news. Whenever I have news to share, a new event planned, a new product available, or new tips that I think will help you… my clubhouse members are always some of the first people I share it with.   By being an active, participating member of my clubhouse, you can stay “in the know” about everything going on! And you know I will ALWAYS be working on new ideas, and fun new ways to motivate you!




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