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Salute to Success ~June 2012

          How many times have you seen a rainbow? Sometimes they come when you least expect them, don't they? Sometimes they come after some really bad storms. But then all of a sudden the sun comes out and everything is bright again...and then you see those beautiful colors in the sky!
          Sometimes it's the same for us. Sometimes after you've worked through some tough things in your life, you begin to see all that is bright in your own life... you begin to push away those clouds and it's then you create your own "rainbow."
          This month I want to introduce you to one of our webbies who has been busy pushing away those clouds in her own life...everyone, I'd like you to meet Lori! Here's her story in her own words...

          "I was an average weight child. I was never part of the popular clique, never went to a prom, but started working out in high school. By college, I was working at a popular NYC gym and that led me to a fitness addiction. In my single days, my 20’s and 30’s, I could afford to work out for 3 hours a night. I also had no car and walked everywhere. I would wake up at 4:30 am in the snow for marathon training. I was a 115 pound skinny minnie. I had a baby in September 2003. At that time, I averaged 125 but my weight crept up to 165 in the 8 years following. I was working out a few times a week, but I'm a single time and money were limited. I did with the resources I had. I considered myself active and healthy.
         On February 15, 2010, my fiance and I took a leisurely ride to the jewelry district in downtown LA to buy wedding bands. I woke up 2 days later in full traction at USC Medical Center. I was confused and had no recollection as to what happened. I was in a life-threatening car accident. I spent the next 3 months in hospitals and nursing homes. My pelvis was broken in 4 places, my shin was replaced with titanium and my orbital bone was broken. I developed a brain infection. It was a 50/50 shot as to my chances of survival. At 42, previously healthy, I was writing my will. My goal when I left the nursing home was to be able to stand up and wash my hair. I lost my ability to walk and sitting up for more than 5 minutes would make my stomach nauseous. I resolved that this is where I was, but was grateful that I was alive and had some wonderful memories with my daughter. God wasn't ready for me yet and I made a good recovery. I was back to work in December of that year. Though I lost some weight in the hospital I went back to my "balloon" weight of 165. Now it was painful, since my joints were weaker and I couldn't move as well.
           I joined a gym and bought the PX90 series. The series was much too dangerous and difficult for me in my condition and the gym quite frankly was super boring and inconvenient. I tried walking the pier. I ate 6 meals a day and mini they were not…lol. I tried lean cuisines,mini meals, protein bars but honestly never did calorie counts. I was convinced that the numbers on the scale just meant I had more muscle. I was grateful to be alive but tired of carrying the weight. I felt invisible and clothes never fit just right. I was working out 2x a week and was sure that was enough.
           In September after a dramatic family trip in Philadelphia, I read something on facebook which mentioned Slimmons studio. I forgot about Richard Simmons but thought that I knew he’s helped middle aged people before, so its worth checking out. I found the Sweatin' series for a great deal on Amazon and liked it. I did it 3x a week. I got the FoodMover in October and by November, I dropped 10 pounds. On each paycheck, I bought more DVD’s from Sit Tight, Party off the Pounds, Disco Sweat and Boogie Down the Pounds. I was happy and planned my trip to Slimmons.
         I met Richard on Thanksgiving weekend. When taking a picture, he said some really flattering words. I had never seen myself in that light. I was hooked. The trip was long so I resolved that I would see him monthly but continue on my journey with the food mover and the DVD’s. I was starting to see some results. In February, I started taking Pilates at a local studio as well. I learned some exercises to do on my toning days.
          At home, the DVD's are part of my nightly routine....and so is the family support. My apartment just consists of me and my 8 year old daughter. After rushing home from work, making a quick dinner of something I've prepped over the weekend, my daughter puts in a RS DVD, fast forwards it to the first I'm ready to go after the dinner dishes are clean. Having an at home workout has #1 saved me money and #2 saved me time. Success for me has been preparation. I feel like I'm always in prep/planning mode. I search the weekly papers to see which veggies are on sale. I spend Sundays cleaning and chopping vegetables. I make salads in quart size Ball jars for the week. I plan my workout and dinner times. I plan quality time with my daughter while working in my planned chores. I've realized that doing the things you need to do daily add up to amazing results. And well small mistakes are just that, when they happen, I forgive, and go back on routine.
{smoothgallery multi_image=images/stories/salute/lisa-before.gif;images/stories/salute/lisa-now.gif&width=300&height=375&showArrows=false&timed=true}

          Since September 2011, I am 36 pounds lighter. I went from 165 lbs to 129. I went from a size 16 to a size 6/8. I work out 7 days a week. Its not all the crazy pounding and twisting…it's just fun. I shop for vegetables and fruits first. The FoodMover has helped me realize what a proper portion size is. I visit Slimmons monthly and go on the weekly chats as “lsherrie2.”
          Since losing the weight, I sleep better, no longer have shoulder,back and knee pain, have more energy, and much more focus at work. I get more attention on the street, more discounts in stores, more offers to pump my car gas, put air in my tires and carry my bags. I look in the mirror a lot, and now have the confidence for photos. Oh, and clothes fit the way they are supposed to…lol. And and speaking of clothes…the hot little black dress in my “now” pic…is 15 years old. It was tailored to me when I was 29 and I have never ventured back into until today. I’m 44."
      Thank you Lori for sharing your story with all my readers. I know you'll keep going strong.... I will see you in chat...and I will see you at Slimmons!