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FoodMover Booklets

If you already have the FoodMover but need new booklets, you can purchase them here...
Sales price: $9.95

If you need replacement booklets or you want to update your older FoodMover with the most up-to-date booklets, now is your chance...


altYou will get two brand new booklets that are going to give you so much information! You will receive the Instructions and Blast Off Food Plan Booklet, and also the Exchange Guide and Meal Ideas Booklets.

alt This is Book 1, your Instructions and Blast Off Food Plan. This tells you everything you need to know about how to get started and how to work the FoodMover plan.

alt This booklet will give you all the information on how to use your FoodMover, how to count your portions, and it will help you learn what calorie level you should be on. It teaches you about Blast Off week, and how to really make a commitment to yourself and get off to a good start with the FoodMover.

alt The first week is called “Blast Off.” You’ll learn all about it in Book 1. To help you get started, I’ve given you seven days of meals already planned out for your Blast Off week. This will help you keep your eating on track that first week, and also help you learn to plan your own balanced meals.

alt This is Book 2, your Exchange Guide and Meal Ideas. This is the booklet that will really teach you about individual foods, and what they are worth on the FoodMover. You will learn about the foods you eat both at home, and away from home.

alt You’ll get a complete exchange guide for all of the six food groups so you can learn your portions. There’s a section for proteins, starches, dairy, fruits, vegetables, fats, and extras, as well as a section for miscellaneous items, and baking ingredients.

alt Now, in the FoodMover, we also have a complete section just for condiments. You know those condiments can add up to a lot of calories and fat! And sometimes it’s hard to know how to count them. Now you’ll know how to count them on your FoodMover.

alt The International Food Guide is also a part of Book 2. It will help expand upon what you have already learned, and help you learn to count the foods you encounter in restaurants.

alt We’ve added a website guide. We did all our research and put together websites of all the fast food places from Arby’s to Wendy’s and this is the way you can get the most current nutritional information when you eat out.

alt I’ve also given you some ideas for complete meals in Book 2… 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, and some snacks. These are some of the best choices you can make to keep yourself on plan! And as you follow these plans, they will help you learn to create your own healthy meal ideas!

alt And now for the first time ever, we have an alphabetical index in the Exchange Guide to help you find every food in the FoodMover program!


**You will not receive the FoodMover and calorie cards with this item.  To purchase the complete FoodMover set for $19.99, please click  here**