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Tonin' to the Oldies DVD

Circuit-training workout combines cardiovascular training and muscle strengthening.

****The Boogie Cords that accompany this DVD are out of production and no longer available. Boogie Cords are not included.****
Sales price: $14.95

****The Boogie Cords that accompany this DVD are out of production and no longer available.  Boogie Cords are not included.**** 

Hey Everybody,

I am so excited to share my first-ever circuit-training workout and my brand-new, never before-seen "Boogie Cords" with you!  Circuit training combines both cardiovascular training and muscle strengthening, all in the same workout!  In this workout, we'll be dancing and toning to some of your favorite songs like "Twist and Shout," "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," and my favorite, "Moon River."

You'll strengthen your heart and lungs, and improve your muscular strength and endurance, all at the same time!  How's that for efficiency?  You'll see and feel a difference in your upper body muscles (chest, back, biceps, triceps and core) and lower body muscles (quads, hamstrings and glutes).  Before long, you might even be ready to try on your favorite "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!"  Be sure to send me a picture if you do!

All of the movements are fun and effective, and you'll be having such a good time, you won't even want to "Stop! In the Name of Love!"

If you love to dance...if you love to smile and make new friends, you're going to love sweatin' and tonin' along with me and my block party crew!  Are you ready to take the "work" out of working out?  Then let's go...the party's about to start!


Richard Simmons


Approximate Running Time: 34 minutes