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Announcing the Fall Weekend Retreat At Slimmons

Hey! What are you doing in October? Do you need some extra motivation to get through the holidays? Well, I am having another fall retreat at Slimmons in Beverly Hills. This will be my third one, and I am so excited! It will be from October 17-19, and the weekend is all about you, you, YOU! We will all arrive at Slimmons Friday night and have a meet and greet. Then, the music will go on, and we will sweat! Then...

we will all sit and stretch a bit and go over our weekend retreat. On Saturday Morning, everyone comes back to Slimmons and we are there the whole day. We have an aerobic class, a toning class, and seminars in nutrition and a healthy lunch. Then, you will have some free time and then return to Slimmons for a Disco Party! And boy will you sleep well that night! The next morning, we get up and work out some more with all the teachers at Slimmons. We will have a motivational seminar, lunch, and our closing. That weekend, like I said, will be all about you. You will meet some very nice people. You will learn more about what you are eating. You will get rev'd up and inspired and you will lose weight. During those three days you will establish a healthy lifestyle that will help you during the holidays. So you want to come? For more info, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The cost of the retreat is $225 per person. And also, there will be a great hotel offer available. Sounds like fun. It is! Hope to see you in October!

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