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Here's what other Clubhouse Members are saying!

The clubhouse is not a place to just chat or track your progress. It is a home and we are all a family. We share our struggles and achievements with people that are going through the same thing that we are. It is a type of understanding and acceptance that is rarely found anywhere else. It makes me feel like I belong and I am truly liked for the person that I am not how I look.

Richard is my Health Mentor, and I wish that alone was enough for anyone, but I know it isn' all want more details...don't ya!
Of all the people in my life, Richard is the only one who gives me full support in my journey to a new and healthier me! He is also my educator on helping me get there. I have learned and listen to many other diet programs that are out there, but Richard still reigns above them all in his Slimaway Plan! In my book, he'll always wears the crown of a King, and I most seriously do believe this. Why? It is because his plan is the only one that is completely balance in all areas of your health, spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. All the other diet programs have short changed you in one of those vital areas in your life. Yes, Richard is a Celebrity, but the more you get to know him, the more you realize that not only is a Celebrity and your Fitness Guru, he is also a REAL Friend to you and each and every one of us! Hopefully, this sums it all up.
On my life, I am not alone any more. I have friends in here that I can really relate to in more than one areas of my life. You oughta check out the "Moment to Moment" thread on the Motivatational board right now to see what I mean.
I was surprised by this, but the journal has helped me. I have an awful lot going through my mind that I need to get out of my system. True, I could use any journal for it, but the one in the Clubhouse is the only one that gives me a guarantee sense of prvacy. It is also a pretty easy journal for me to keep track with my life.

I also love the new profile in helping me keep track of my weight progress!

I love being on the boards. I love the new friends I have made in here, and I love the support that I get from them. I don't feel so lonely any more because of them. Most of all, I am learning how to love myself even more with their help, and Richard's too. God BLESS you all!
Without the Clubhouse, I would do what I did before, and become my own "Clubhouse", become my own friend, become my own support, kept writing to Richard in snail mail and mostly feel alone in the world because Richard isn't in the fad of the diet world. He never has been and he never will be, because he is the ONLY and REAL DEAL this world. I would still have made progress in my journey, but it would have gone at a much slower pace and I wouldn't have gotten so much out of it in my own very personal "Clubhouse" as I have done in this one. In many aspects of my life, I have healed a LOT and I have learned a LOT about myself through this Clubhouse in the short time that I have been in here, where on my own, I could have never made it this far or lack some things that I have needed to learn about myself and taking care of myself.

I also love being in the chat room with Richard. He is so inspiring, and he often wake us up on new realization about ourselves and about taking better care of ourselves through his program. I actually completed a baby step last night in waking up about myself in regards to my physical appearance. Last night's chat helped me complete the full realization of how truly beautiful I am in my physical beauty. I e-mailed Richard all about it last night before I got some more of my beauty sleep.


12 WEEK MEMBERSHIP - Regularly $29.95
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There is no better place to be than Richard's Clubhouse to get the motivation and inspiration that I need. We are like family here. The Roadmap to My Success is fantastic! I can keep track of my progress and keep a journal on it all. I really love being able to print out my food sheets. The whole Clubhouse is awesome!

Starting at 359 and currently down over 120 pounds, I have had such incredible improvement in my health and quality of life, I always say:

"Richard not only gave me back MY life -- he gave me someone else's life -- and I hope they never find out about it because I'm NOT giving it back!!"

When I was ready to finally do a plan I searched the web for many that I had tried before and went to each and read what they had to offer as a plan, what I would gain from it and what I could learn. I joined a few of them adn visited the chat and boards on their sites. I wasn't happy or fulfilled with what they had to offer and to be honest I didn't feel right in them. I took a day or two more and thought of other sites. Then I said to myself I wonder if Richard had a site. So I took a chance and typed it in the search place on my tool bar and was sort of shocked that it was on here. I visited the site and read through the whole thing. I found what I was looking for and when I went to chat and boards I was immediately welcomed and had everything answered to my questions I asked, I met some sucesses and ones who had lost alot of weight. One who was always there was boisegal ( Audra Kerby) at the time I joined I saw her on QVC with Richard promoting the new slimaway plan and video's. I ordered the slimaway plan from QVC and started as soon as I got it. I weighed in at 455 lbs a waist of 65 inches, 55 chest, and hips I couldn't even measure cause they were to big. I not only learned how to eat right but richard also taught me how to love myself in order to get past the past I was dealing with. It took me about a year to really sit and look at myself in the mirror and to tell myself that I was worth it and that I Love myself. Yes I have struggled, have gone up and down on the scale for awhile now but I never give up on myself or the clubhouse. I now weigh in at 311 1/2 lbs., I have a 48 inch waist, 49 inch chest, and 55 inch hips. Yes they are still large in size but now I have a total outlook on my body and what areas I have to work harder at.

How has Richard helped me: Well lets see where do I start. He is always there no matter how I treat myself, I have given up so many times and stopped trying for awhile that I can't count but Richard is always ther to listen to my problems or just to listen, he has always answered my questions and has been a dear friend to me even if I have never met him. I just love him so much and I know he know that. Richard is our freind in so many ways. He has taught us not only to believe in dreams but to concore them as well or the best as we can. He gives us hope, love, and self esteem, a future to look forward to and to believe in ourselves. If it sounds like I am putting Richard on high well I am cause he deserves it not only for what he teaches but for all the good he does for everyone.

How has the clubhouse helped me: Well ther are so many things that have helped and I have to say the most theat has helped me in the past and still does tin the present is the motivation tips Richard does and the MOTD he does. It's like he is right here and I swear he has satellite dish hooked to camera in my home cause he always knows what I am struggling with that day or it just hits me and I can relate. Then there are the boards where I get some of my motivation from ones who have taught me what they have gone through and wtih all the combinations going on with what tools I use it all comes together and makes it go by so much easier.

How has the commumity help make freinds? Well I have seen member come and go the past three years and I have met alot of nice people and become great freinds with most of them. In fact two years ago I started a christmas card and ornament exchange with the clubhouse members. We have had a wonderful time doing them and is so exciting seeing what you get from each of them. It's like a kid at christmas especially when I get one from Richard himself... his are so cute....LOL.

What would I do without the clubhouse? I would probably gain the weight back cause I use the clubhouse tio stay accountable to myself.... You see I feel I have to do the right thing and if I have to like report for duty then I stay on plan and do what I have to do to keep me going, if I lost that I would just fall apart and like I said gain the weight back.

MY Quote is " I am a sparrow in a hurricane" trying to find my way through the world




Even though I am not at goal yet, here are my thoughts:

1. Richard has helped me to believe in myself when life or circumstance or other people said otherwise.

2. He is truly our "cheerleader" when the going gets rough.

3. He believes in "tough love" too, I think; JUST DO IT! like the commercial (Nike) says.

4. Step by step, pound by pound it can be done.

5. For me personally, I look upon his wisdom and humor like our own personal "health guru" in the clubhouse. He has a wealth of information in here.

6.The clubhouse is a "safe harbor" for me. Although I don't get online as much as I used to, I know that this is a place of acceptance & support & many, many helping hands.

7. He is the voice of "reason" too. He knows all the latest "gimmicks" out there & he is her to teach us & guide us to a healthy & sane way to lose this weight.

8. Last but not least, through the clubhouse, he has built a network, a bridge of friends all holding hands to help each other. If this clubhouse had a "symbol", to me it is many hands holding onto each other and helping each other along.

Richard has helped me to find who I really am inside!
He has taught me how to make healthy food choices, and he taught me the benefits of daily exercise.
Because of that, I am a healthier, stronger, happier wife and mother.
I have gone from 265 pounds, to 211 pounds.
I still have more weight to lose, but I know it will come off even faster, now that I am an aerobics instructor! YES! That's right! Richard even gave me the confidence to take the challenge of teaching OTHERS at a gym. I NEVER would have dreamed I could do it!
After all the months spent using his videos, it was easy for me to get the basic moves to teach a class.
When the manager at my gym offered me the position, I went into it with the security of knowing that as long as I followed the tools Richard gave me in the videos, and the foodmover, I couldn't go wrong.
He is my inspriation and I hope to pass on his incredible advice and love to others.
Richard and the wonderful friends I have made at this clubhouse,have completely changed my life.
It's all up from here!!!
A HUGE thank you to Richard, to his staff and to all my friends here at the clubhouse.
You know I love you SO much!!!

1)How has Richard helped you?-Richard Simmons has changed my life. He has taught me to eat the correct portions of healthy food. Richard has also taught me that exercise can be fun. I think the most important thing Richard Simmons has taught me is that that loving myself was the key to loosing 87 pounds.

2) How has the Clubhouse has an impact on my life and goals?-This clubhouse has made it possible for me to get to within 8 pounds of my goal weight. The Clubhouse has shown me that I am not alone in my weight loss journey. There are so many people out there just waiting to give me a boost when I need it. With the help and good vibes I get in the clubhouse I can reach all of my goals.

3)What features do I use most regularly and why?The first thing I do in the morning is to log on to read Richard's message of the day. It is always so motivational. Its uncanny the way Richard always knows what I am struggling with and writes about it. I live on the message boards and post there every day. I get so much positive feedback on the message boards. I also use the new journal every day. It gives me a secure place for me to write about my deepest feelings where noone else can read them. I love the new Roadmap to my Success with its goal setting section. It allows me to see my goals in black and white. That is a very powerful tool.

4) How has the Community helped me-have I made new freinds? Yes Yes Yes. I have even had the chance to meet some of my fellow webbies. We have such an important thing in commom. I know I have made friends for life.

5) What would I do without this Clubhouse-One thing I know for sure is without the Clubhouse and Richard I would not weigh 137 pounds. I would still be 225 pounds and unhappy. Thanks Richard!!

12 WEEK MEMBERSHIP - Regularly $29.95
NOW ONLY $19.95!


I always hated changes in my life, but since being a member of Richard's Clubhouse for the second time around, I am welcoming change and am realizing that "CHANGE IS GOOD"!

I have been struggling with my weight for 20 years because I always tried to loose the weight by myself and would always let my emotions and outside factors take over and I would loose control. Every time I lost control and let life get to me, I would gain a little bit more until I weighed 237 pounds. Then I would feel even worse about myself and those feelings of worthlessness would creep back. There were a couple times in my life that I didn't even want to keep on living. I figured everyone would be better off without me and their lives would be easier. I truly felt like I was a burden to everyone and society included. It took me 20 years of my husband and children giving me that unconditional love and therapy and Richard out there sending messages to everyone that we are worth it and that we can take action and do something to change our outlook about ourselves and life in general. Richard has helped me and my husband both to realize that we don't have to venture out on the road to health by ourselves. Richard is there to help us every step of the way and even though I have never met him in person, I know he is a very caring person and most sincere and loves everyone without conditions. I admire Richard for his great dedication to helping people feel good about who they are. He gave me the desire to try to be the same. We are worth it and we can look at life positively and we can change the way we think and feel about ourselves and life in general. Change can be great! I have lost 25.5 pounds since November 1st and my husband 9.5. We are both feeling great about the wonderful changes taking place in our bodies, thoughts and outlook towards life in general.

Through Richard's Clubhouse I have met many, many great people and our extended family has grown 10 fold! Richard has provided all the tools we need to stay motivated, eat the right foods in the right portions and how to put it all together. When I joined Richard's Clubhouse, I made goals for myself for the first time. I wrote those goals down and told everyone I knew. I knew I needed to be accountable to myself and the clubhouse helps me to do that. It keeps me wanting to be a good example to other people so they can see that "Hey, if she can do this, so can I!" I find the ability to post our journey pictures on our posts to be my most useful tool for myself and others. It is great to be able to actually see the progress of loosing weight and inches. It is great to have the visuals of the transformations happening to our bodies. The Message boards and chat rooms are probably my most used tools in Richard's Clubhouse. That is where we get to communicate with each other. That is where we can help someone else or get help ourselves for something that we are having problems with. It is a place to know that we are not the only ones on this earth who are struggling on this new journey to get healthier. This is the place we can also get a pat on the back or a trophy sent our way for doing a great job! This is where we really get to be a family. The clubhouse fills a void in my life when I am feeling lonely. I know I can come here to the clubhouse and I can get the feeling of "Being right at home"!

I have made many, many friends. JudyBean in particular. I think of her as my "ab Sister" because we both have major tummy issues going on and together we are motivating each other to work just that little bit harder to our goal of slimming down our tummies.

If the Clubhouse were not available and Richard had decided that helping people feel good about themselves just wasn't worth it, I would probably be non-existent! Or would never have come to learn to love myself and realize that only I can do something about how I feel about me!

Thank you Michael for giving me the opportunity today to write this message. I know it is lengthy, but I really didn't know how to say how I feel in just one sentence.

Thank You Richard for being the loving and creative and careing person you are! Thanks for providing the tools to make me and others feel good about us.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give back some of what has been so generously been given to us.

Richard and this website have, literally, helped me save my life. At 232 pounds, I had dangerously high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, high cholesterol and painful arthritis. After losing 110 pounds and keeping it off for nearly 3 years, all of my health problems are gone or under control.

I love all the features of the Clubhouse. I read the Message of the Day each day, even before I eat breakfast! I love the message boards and I go into the chat rooms every day to give and get much needed support, laughs and just fun chit chat.

The Clubhouse is my heart home, my safe place. I am grateful that I've met some very special, forever friends in a place where I am understood and accepted, unconditionally. The unique support that I receive from Richard himself, and my Clubhouse family is what was missing in all my other attempts to lose weight and keep it off.

Richard, his tools and my friends in this Clubhouse have help me change forever-body, mind and soul!

Richard has helped me in so many ways. He has made me smile since I was a small child. He has proven that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to respect yourself and live a healthy, balanced life. He still makes me laugh and he has given me a place to come and continue learning about health, friendship, and motivation.

The Clubhouse has helped me to lose the weight that I put on when I strayed from a healthy living. It has made weight loss a journey that I do not have to encounter alone. It gave me a direction in my life when I needed one the most.

The feature I use most regularly is by far the message boards. I go there throughout the day whenever I get a chance. I love that I have a place to post my triumphant moments as well as my struggles. It makes me feel so wonderful when I can give someone a kind word or a smile. I get so many in return. I always say the Clubhouse is the absolute best place on the internet. No one has ever argued with that.

We’re all one big family in our own way. I have never felt judged or put down on this website. It’s like a safe haven here. Everyday, I enjoy hearing how my fellow webbies are doing.

Have I made friends? I think so! Gosh, when you can name right off the bat over 20 people whom you converse with daily and know their individual struggles, hopes, and dreams....that really says something about the wonderful community here. Any time you need advice or just someone to “listen”, the webbies are there.

If I didn’t have the clubhouse, I would most likely have settled for living an OK life. I would have continued to make excuses for not exercising or preparing healthy meals. Now, I want a fulfilling life. I want to help others find their way to a healthy, balanced life. I want people to know that there is nothing as great as the feeling of accomplishment and happiness when you can finally complete a video, or see 5 pounds lost, or are able to climb up the stairs. You’ll have such joy.

Thank you Richard!




How has the club house help me.
It has been a source of motivation when I had none.
It has been a source of information when I needed it,
It has been a shoulder to cry on when I needed it.
The clubhouse is Richard.
I have yo yo ing for years. 2005 was time to get serous. I was tired of being tired.
I was tired of the pain in my knees.
I wanted to be able to get on the floor and play games with my grandchildren.
With Richards help, I learned that I can do it.
I am worth it, and I am cared about.
I am now 45 pounds lighter. I started at 288.
I have no more pain in my knees. I am not tired all the time. and I CAN GET ON THE FLOOR AND PLAY WITH THE GRANDKIDS. YAAAAHOOOO.
I can even do floor excersises, my knees bend and don't groan.


I'm a newbie here to the Clubhouse, having joined this past week. When it comes to losing weight I've started and stopped more times than I can count. This time is going to be the time I do it right and see it through to the end, because being here and reading Richard's daily messages has helped to remind me of the most important thing of all: That I am a gift. A gift that's being opened slowly day by day and pound by pound. I can't wait to see what I find inside.

How has the clubhouse helped?
"I realized I'm not alone in this journey, that people all over struggle and have achieved great strides in losing the weight, but they gain friendships and mentors to help with this Journey".

I've met Richard briefly in person got a picture taken as many others have, and will never forget that day, Richard is a real living person who truly cares and shows us that not only can we lose those pounds but also we can make a diffrence in others lives he is a true inspiration and I look up to him.

Richard and all the webbies have shown me that I not only have to exercise and eat right I have to know when to rest and say enough is enough I'm changing my life while I change my body not only have I seen a diffrence but my family and friends have and I know it's not easy but it's great when you've got Friends!!!
Thank you everyone!!!

How has Richard helped you?

Richard is the real thing. He's been where we've been. He understands the work and dedication involved in changing your body. And he truly wants us to succeed; he really cares.

How has the Clubhouse has an impact on your life and goals?

I like the Clubhouse because it's there for me 24/7. I lean on the Clubhouse every day for information, inspiration, support, pats on the back for my successes, and encouragement when I'm feeling down.

What features do you use most regularly and why?

Richard knows that permanent weight loss is a battle you win one day at a time, so he writes an inspirational message every day. It starts my day on a good note. I never miss it.

I like the journal because over time, you really learn a lot about yourself from it. It's a place where one can try to figure out life's little mysteries.

The success stories just keep coming. They tell me yes, I can believe, yes, I can be successful, and one of these days, I will be one of those success stories.

I use the message boards the most. Someone is always there to empathize, sympathize, cheer you on, help get you back on track, or just whine with you.

I really could go on and on and on... everybody has said a lot of great stuff. I'd give up a lot of things before I'd give up my Clubhouse!


12 WEEK MEMBERSHIP - Regularly $29.95
NOW ONLY $19.95!


How has Richard helped you? Richard has helped me to believe in friendship. I have led a lonely life and have stayed hidden under my fat. Richard reaches upon your heart no matter what size you are and ties a ribbon around it to hold it together. He holds, not just his hands out to you, but his entire soul and hugs you till tears fall. He cares and I have never felt cared for. With his caring love, he has brought the possibilities to me that I can change in weight and in spirit. I am still working on spirit, it has been so very low and yet he is still there.

How has the Clubhouse has an impact on your life and goals? How has the Community helped you - have you made new friends? Life and goals, friends? In many respects the clubhouse has changed my life drastically in one special way. I can say I have friends -- close friends. I do not have to be so absolutely lonely, because I can run to the club house and join a chat or post something on the message boards and friends respond. The friends I have here have also stepped beyond the site and we email one another or talk on the phone. There is a family in this clubhouse -- A family that encourages, cries with you, laughs with you and inspires. As for the goal part.. I am so much still working on that.

What features do you use most regularly and why? Of course I read the "Message of the day" BUT When I first joined the club house, I was terrified to post or chat and hardly did not do so for 7/8 months. BUT I clung to the words that were "spoken" on the message boards. People are open and honest and share all matters of their life. Everyone is inspiring in their own way. From sadness to elation, from body parts to unruly pets life is shared with a "family" here in the club house. Everyone seems to listen, or put their "two cents" in and sometimes there are arguments but it seems to all work out, just like any other family. I continually read the bulletin boards.

What would you do without the Clubhouse? This is difficult to say. I have lost over 80 pounds, all the while I have been a member of this clubhouse. I know I come on the site when I feel the urge to binge and then I lose the urge. I know I come on the site when I am sad and need someone to chat with and enter the chat rooms and find some cheer. I think perhaps without the clubhouse that 80 pounds lost would probably be a memory, because old habits die hard and without the clubhouse support, I fear my habits would return.

Well that's all for now.

Doing exercise, and proper eating, with out Richard Simmons, is like trying to make a recipe without the right ingrediants.

I've gone from 238 pounds to 156 (as of today!). I still have a few more pounds to lose to reach my goal. With Richard and the Clubhouse behind me, I can't lose--or rather, I CAN lose--the excess weight! Imagine having hundreds of "cheerleaders" urging you on to success. That's what it's like in the Clubhouse. I love all aspects of it, but there are two I never miss. The first thing I do when I log on is to read Richard's "Message of the Day". It's amazing how he has the ability to zero in on issues that are difficult for us and helps us face our challenges. The next place I head for is the Message Boards. I can't wait to see what all my Webbie friends are up to. Are they happy today? Sad? Can I help them? Can they help me? The answer usually is all of the above! Every time I reach out to the Clubhouse, someone is there for me! I've lost pounds but I've "gained" so much more in the friendships and love and support that the Clubhouse provides.



The clubhouse, Richard, and everyone here mean a lot to me. I always read Richard's daily message and go on the message boards. I get a lot of inspiration from my family here and know that I am not alone in this battle. I have had more bad weigh ins since I started in August of 2005 but after reality with the scale on Jan. 7th at 159.8 I took control of eating. My weight has been going down slow. Only had a bad time when I had microwave popcorn with cheddar cheese. Recently bought kernels that you pop on top of the stove. As of yesterday I am down to 152.4 I do wish it would come off faster but need patience. I was going on the scale everyday till my husband told me he would toss it out the window. I now weigh myself on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. That is hard for me. Without the clubhouse, Richard, and my family here I would be lost. This is a great family and I am blessed.

I’ve been with Richard and his program for three years, and a member of his website for two and a half. In that time frame, I’ve managed to lose 160 pounds and I’m still losing weight! Given the health issues that I battle and the medications that I take, this is nothing short of a miracle to me.

I can also honestly say I believe that this clubhouse saved my life. I was terribly ill at the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004. I felt like I was going to die and found out later that my doctors thought it was a possibility, too. In fact, I was so sick that I didn’t care if I died or not. All I wanted was for it to be over.

I had been ‘playing around’ in the clubhouse up until then, but housebound and isolated, the clubhouse became a lifeline. I was too sick to interact with my real-life friends, so the bulletin boards became a place where I could write of my desperation and get a sympathetic ear. I could even express fears and feelings that my family was not prepared to listen to, let alone respond.

I would also sign into the chat rooms, too weak to sit at my computer, and announce that I was just going to lurk. Then I would turn the screen towards my bed, lie there, and watch the conversation ebb and flow before me. This went on for months.

As I slowly recovered, I could talk of my small successes... being able to walk as far as my mailbox for the first time, making my bed by myself, getting dressed and going to a doctor’s appointment on my own. And then, as I continued to recover strength and energy, starting to exercise. Being able to stand long enough to cook a meal. And so on and so on.

I don’t know what would have happened without Richard and his website. But I do know that his clubhouse provided a purpose for my existence during a very dark period of my life. That the people here who encouraged me gave me reason continue day by day.

Thank you Richard.

After one month at the Clubhouse, I can't imagine having to go it 'alone' again in the journey of losing weight. Richard's MSG of the day is a livesaver. I don't feel alone and it motivates me and keeps my eye on the prize. The message board is a great, big family and the daily experience is worth every cent.