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Thursday, 28 May 2015

No wardrobe is complete without one---a black belt! (For men or women.)  But it's not fashion I'm here to talk about today.  Have any of you ever taken karate classes?  Yeah?  (Oh my, then remind me to never get you upset about anything!  LOL.)  But seriously, I know that a lot of men, women and even children take karate classes.  It's a great way to get your exercise.  Of course, lots of people take karate classes as a means of self-defense in a dangerous situation, too.  (God forbid they need it.)  Hey, we should all be careful to avoid those dark alleys or walking in some unfamiliar neighborhood we're not so sure about.  But for all those ways of being careful to protect ourselves from any kind of assault, I'm sorry to say that a lot of people assault their own bodies by not taking good care of themselves.

Eating lots of junk food with reckless abandon count as an assault on your body.
I'd say eating lots of sugary sweets, slices of processed meats, piece-after-piece of fried chicken and other junk foods with reckless abandon count as an assault on your body, too.  Come on, wouldn't you agree?  Think of what all of those junk foods are doing to your body when you eat them.  Hey, there's a reason Americans are among the most obese people on the planet.  Pure and simple, it's because we assault our bodies by chowing down on all of those bad foods we know we shouldn't be eating.
Hey, that suspicious stranger lurking in some dark alley really is a person you should beware of.  But I'd say the same is true for that package of chocolate eclairs you just dropped into your shopping cart.  What's that?  They're for the kids?  Uh, huh.  But if those eclairs are in the house and your goal is to lose weight, the extra calories in each one of them will be, uh, lurking in your kitchen and may very well end up calling your name.
Don't allow those fattening foods to get in the way of your weight-loss plans.
Just like you take precautions to protect yourself from dangerous situations outside the home, you shouldn't allow those fattening foods to get in the way of your weight-loss plans, inside your home.  And the same is true for when you're out-and-about, at work, at play or at the mall.  Those foods that can really trip up your weight-loss plans are out there.  They will tempt you.  But when it comes to putting a little self-defense to work for your weight-loss and your good health, I want you to remember...YOU'VE GOT THE UPPER HAND!  
You don't need a black belt to defend yourself from those lurking calories out to get you.  All you need is a made-up-mind that NO FOOD is going to get in the way of your plans to lose the weight you want and need to lose.  Stay in charge of your eating habits.  Get those daily workouts in.  Keep that attitude of yours strong and positive so you'll always be ready to STOP and say NO to the foods that tempt you.  Practice living your life this way each day and I've got news for you.  You'll soon be having to trade that fashionable black belt of yours in...for a smaller size!
Hey, give those fattening foods that tempt you a big karate...CHOP!