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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Hey, when it comes to the foods you eat, there's no better way to keep your body clean than by eating more GREEN!  Eating plenty of green is is the perfect way to get your body healthier, help you lose weight and get you lean.  There really are no minuses to including more healthy greens on your plate.  They provide your body with so many of the nutrients you need each day and help make your immune system stronger, too.  Let's take a little walk down the yellow, ooops, I mean the green brick road.

A plant-based diet is rich in inflammation-fighting antioxidants.
Begin by filling your plate with plants.  A plant-based diet is rich in inflammation-fighting antioxidants.  And when combined with other healthy lifestyle changes, like of course exercise, this way of eating has been shown to help make you stronger by offering your body more tummy-filling fiber, so you end up eating less.  And don't forget the powerful antioxidants those plants add to your diet.
Ditch the added sugars.  I've told you jillions of times how bad they are for you.  Excess sugar consumption is linked to many age-related conditions, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and kidney disease.  Sugary soft drinks, popular year-round but even more so during these hot summer months, have also been implicated in cell-aging.  I haven't had a soft drink in many years.  I've also seen many comments from people on my Facebook page from people who've given up the soda habit, they always end up talking about how much better they feel since giving them up.  How many cans of soft drinks have you been guilty of consuming on your worst days?  I'd say, for your health's sake, it's a good time to cut back,
Power up that gut of yours.  And what do I mean by that?  Well, do you like creamy Greek yogurt?  I know I do!  But so does the colony of good bacteria that live in your intestinal tract, they're known as gut microbiota.  This tiny microscopic universe in your stomach plays a crucial role in your overall good health.  They enable your body's digestive system to perform at its peak while, at the same time boosts your body's immune function and helps keep your metabolism doing its job, burning those calories.  Plain yogurt is one of the best food sources for the probiotics that get the job done in your tummy.  Green sauerkraut is another good source.
Those fruits and vegetables may turn out to be your own "Fountain of Youth!"
Plants, they're not just for making your front yard the neighborhood showcase anymore.  I'm not talking about flowers anyway.  I'm talking about the oh-so healthy vegetables you should make sure to eat plenty of each day.  Because the bottom line is that a plant-based diet is just so good for your good health...on so many levels.  They not only help keep you stronger, live longer and clean your insides, but more and more research is now showing that getting plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is going to help keep you feeling younger, too!
Hey, looks like those fruits and vegetables may very well turn out to be your own little Fountain of Youth.  So eat clean and get lean, by...eating green!