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Monday, 02 March 2015

Yeah, YOU may be smooth as silk, baby!  But there's another smooth kid in town these days...the smoothie!  I'm sure you know them.  They're the frozen fruit drinks that've made a lot of money for the Smoothie King chain.  They've been like, well, the king of smoothies for years.  But a lot of other companies are getting into the act lately.  (Hey, looks like there's gold in dem dar smoothie hills!  LOL.)  Is it a good thing, though?  Well, it all depends.  But first, a little news on just how popular smoothies have become.

Why the big increase in smoothie sales?


A good thing is that the sale of frozen fruits are up 67% since 2010!  They're now accounting for close to one billion dollars in annual sales, oh my!  And why the big increase in smoothie sales?  I mean, they first entered the American diet back in the 70s and 80s but have really caught on here in the 21st century.  One reason is because Americans, becoming more health-conscious, have been making an attempt to add more fruit to their daily diets.  Now that is a good thing.

And like I said, Smoothie King is not the only company getting in on the act.  The Dole Foods company is cashing in on the smoothie craze, too.  You may not be surprised to know that Dole, famous for its pineapples and bananas, is the largest seller of frozen fruit in the U.S.  Like I said, frozen fruit sales are through the roof, while frozen vegetables sales have stayed kind of flat.  (I wish veggie sales were way up, too!)  Sales of fruits like blueberries, strawberries and berry blends are growing like gangbusters.  That's probably because people are more likely to want frozen fruit in their smoothies, rather than a hunk of broccoli or a few kale leaves.  (Although smoothies made with a combination of fruits and vegetables can be both nutritious and tasty.)
Between 2009 and 2014, blender sales rose over 100%.
A couple of months ago, I talked about how good those healthy smoothies can be for you.  And it looks like America is taking my advice.  Seems everybody's gotta have a blender in their kitchens lately.  (I can't count how many I've gone through in my life!  LOL.)  But between 2009 and 2014, blender sales rose over 100% and I'm betting a lot of those new sales had to do with people wanting to make their own smoothies at home.  In fact, that's an idea I like better than going to some chain to get your smoothie fix.  That is, unless you can tell the person behind the counter exactly what you want or don't want in your smoothie.
My point is that any low-calorie, healthy food is good for you on its own but can easily be turned into a calories villian.  For instance, just think what you can do to an ordinarily healthy baked potato when you load it down with sour cream and butter!  The same can be done to an otherwise good-for-you smoothie.  In addition to that wonderful fruit, they can add lots of sweeteners like sugar and honey.  Then you'll be walking into a mine field of calories that's really not so smooth.
Check the ingredients and order a smoothie that's going to be good for you.
When ordering a smoothie away from home, be sure to check the ingredients and order one that's going to be good for you.  They can fill you up while satisfying your sweet tooth.  Just remember to watch those calorie counts and, better yet, make your own smoothies at home.  That homemade smoothie, where you control what's in it, can help keep the numbers on your scale going down so-o-o-o-o...smoothly!