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Saturday, 20 December 2014

It's the fish I talk about most here in my Daily Messages.  I stress the importance of making fish the centerpiece of one of your dinners at least once a week.  You really can't make a bad choice, unless you deep-fry it of course.  But baked or broiled, fish is just so good for your body.  Especially that good, fatty favorite of mine, salmon.  You can find it in just about any supermarket these days.  That delicious pink-orange, hand-cured salmon is sometimes gently smoked until it gets an almost buttery flavor.  Oh, I just love it.  Smoked salmon is usually sold pre-sliced in thin strips and can be paired with a number of foods for a delicious treat.  It's excellent baked with fresh bread crumbs and served with some crispy, oven-roasted potatoes.
When buying it pre-packaged, make sure your salmon is firm and tender.
When buying it pre-packaged, make sure your salmon is firm and tender but never slimy.  (Hey, I don't think I even need to tell you that, do I?)  But it would mean your salmon is not as fresh as you want it to be.  It should range in color from a dense, reddish orange to a pale pink and should smell slightly briny but never fishy.  Follow those rules to be sure you're buying the freshest, tastiest pre-packed salmon possible.
You may opt for salmon sold directly from the meat counter.  There're a number of choices there, too.  Wild smoked salmon is probably the most popular.  By the way, it's always labeled "wild" and is usually caught in the north Pacific.  It's often firmer and leaner and a deeper red color than farm-raised Atlantic salmon.  And by the way, wild-caught salmon is often a better environmental choice, if you're concerned about those kinds of things.  (And we all should be, too!)
Fresh salmon is not just limited to U.S. waters.  There's also Irish, Scottish and Norwegian smoked salmon.  They're usually farm-raised unless the package states otherwise.  I know fish-farming has grown into quite the industry these days.  But when it comes to any of my seafood, I prefer the wild-caught varieties so much better.  Gravlax and lox are sold along-side smoked salmon but are cured.  That means they've been marinated with salt and sometimes sugar, herbs and spices.  Those famous delis in New York City feature some of the best in the world.
Hook yourself a serving of salmon for dinner every now and then.
What types of salmon do you like best?  Like I said, it's an extremely healthy fish and I suggest you make it the centerpiece of one of your meals as often as you can.  On my FoodMover, you would close one Lean Protein window for that one-ounce serving of fresh salmon.  You'd close one Medium Fat Protein window for a 1/4 cup serving of canned salmon.  But however you choose to have it, like I keep suggesting, hook yourself a serving of salmon for dinner every now and then.  It's a great food from the sea that's gonna fill you with a healthy dose of the good-for-your-body nutrients you need everyday.
Hey, when it come to salmon, I have to admit...I'M HOOKED!