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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Boy, I had trouble even typing the title of this message.  It's just so defeatist, I don't even like seeing the words.  (Hey, that's not US, right?)  But let me explain why I decided to go with that title this morning.  It's all about an e-mail I received this week that really got me a  little upset.  It's not so sweet but it is short so let me share it with you.
I was so disappointed in myself.  Does this mean I'm doomed to failure?
Dearest Richard.  I just started your Project Hope program today.  I was so excited when it arrived and couldn't wait to get started!  Well, I tried to start this morning but ended up feeling like a beached walrus!  I found it so hard to keep up with the exercises in your DVD.  In fact, I was only able to make it through about six of the songs.  I was so disappointed in myself.  Does this mean I'm doomed to failure?
Okay, see why I was so upset?  Here this lady way, all excited about starting my weight-loss program, including the workouts that go with it.  But because she found herself unable to keep up with the exercises, she was ready to throw in the towel before she really even got started.  On top of that, she's asking me if she's "doomed to failure."  Oh please, perish the thought!  In my book, when it comes to losing weight, there's really no such thing as failure.  The only "failure" would be in giving up, in not trying anymore! 
If you've not exercised regularly in a very long time, I would suspect that your first attempts at beginning an exercise program are gonna be kind of tough.  Hey, your body has been sedentary for so long, you've probably gained more weight, so you're not as fit as you used to be.  That combination means that when you do get that body of yours moving again working out, you're going to get winded easily and not able to do as much.  But this lady who wrote me says she was able to make it through six of the songs.  Hey, I say that ain't bad!  And even if she didn't get every single move down right, it was no excuse to stop trying or to give up!
The more you do, the stronger you'll get, the better you'll get and...the more you'll be able to do!
Whatever new exercise program you may be beginning, whether it's cardio, a walking or jogging program or strength-training, the important thing is that you've got to keep trying.  Ever heard the old joke about the man who was in New York City and asked "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?"  The answer was practice, practice, PRACTICE!  Well, the same is true with your new exercise routine. The more you do, the stronger you'll get, the better you'll get at it and, in time...the more you will be able to do!
Doomed to failure at working out?  HAH!  I don't think so.  In fact, I know you aren't!  Get started, get that body of yours moving and, oh yes, practice, practice, practice.  Hey, you may not make it to Carnegie Hall.  But I guarantee you'll make it to seeing a slimmer, fitter body when you take a look in that mirror.  That's right, you're not gonna be "doomed to failure."  You're gonna be...