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Monday, 28 July 2014

Oh, shake, shake, shake---shake, shake, shake---shake yo' booty, shake yo' booty!  And is yours a beauty of a booty?  Hey, all kidding aside, it's one of the body parts I get asked about the most.  Their tummies, those sometimes jiggly underarms, their thighs, people are always asking me how they can reduce, shape or enhance the looks of a particular body part.  Well, the first thing I want you to know is that there's no such thing as "spot-reducing," as in slimming down only one part of your body.  Slimming down a targeted part of your body is more about slimming down every part of your body.  As in working to lose weight...all over!  Now as you lose weight, as you slim down, there are exercises you can do to enhance and help shape certain parts of your body, including your booty.
We have so many names for our backsides...butt, behind, derriere!
Oh, we have so many names for our backsides, don't we?  Let's see,  butt, behind, derriere and, oh yes, the one that KC & The Sunshine Band made famous singing about shaking...your booty!  LOL.  So, is yours too big, too saggy, too flabby ot just plain out-of-shape?  Oh, there're just a host of issues that can make you not so happy with the shape  of your behind, aren't there?  But here's what you should know.  The shape of your butt is well, "shaped" by two factors.  For one thing, your genes, (no, not your Levi's), but the DNA that makes you...YOU.  Depending on their genetic makeup, some ladies collect fat in their bellies, others in their thighs or their behinds.  But while genetics have a very important roll to play in the shape of your butt, your living environment plays a big role, too.  By that, I mean how much you weigh and how much exercise you get each day.  Okay, now we're talking!
Toning exercises will help but you're going to need more help than that.  And, truth is, YOU are the one person who can give yourself that help.  Along with those toning workouts, (which I preach about so often here in my daily messages), you're gonna have to get in plenty of cardio, that is aerobic workouts, too.  (Something else I preach about a lot!)  All cardio is good for whittling fat off your body.  But certain kinds of exercise, for example, walking, running, bicycling or using stair climbing machines and yes, aerobic dancing will strengthen your hamstrings, (the major muscles in your back thighs), and the gluteus maximus, the major muscle in your behind, itself.  These exercises will all help tone and shape that butt of yours.  But remember, if you're overweight or obese, you can help beat the genetics thing by losing weight while you're working to make your butt firmer.  In fact, those workouts, along with a healthy, calorie-controlled food plan will work together, helping to shape up your backside.
To help shape your booty, you've got to get that resistance training in.
All of my workout DVDs are good for helping you do both.  Remember, those cardio workouts are important but you've got to get that toning or resistance training in, too.  I haven't been telling you for nothing to: alternate three days a week for cardio workouts, three for resistance training and the seventh day for a good, hour-long walk.  Oh yes, big behinds do run in some families but you don't have to live with them.  (Those big behinds, I mean!  LOL.)  Wanna shape, shape, shape your booty?  Well,'re gonna have to do a lot of shaking to reach that goal.  But that'll also mean concentrating on your eating habits to make sure you're losing weight while you're doing those exercises that focus on your butt.  So, are you ready?  Okay then, hit it KC!
Shake, shake, shake...sweat, sweat, sweat and you'll shape...SHAPE your booty!