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Sunday, 26 October 2014

A few weeks ago, one of my Daily Messages was about how important getting that second wind was to completing one of your workouts or any session of exercise you might be doing.  I explained how, sometimes, during a strenuous workout, walk, run, or swim, you may get a burst of energy that keeps you going until you get the job done.  (Doesn't it feel good!)  But that message caught the attention of a lady who sent me the following response and I'd like you to see it.
What about those people with mental illnesses, the elderly or physical challenges?
Richard, when it comes to working out and getting that second wind, what about those people with mental illnesses, the elderly or physical challenges?  They really can't do aerobics as well as most people.  I have a suggestion.  You should offer a variety of workouts for ALL of those people and make it FUN! 
Some activities I've done for that unique group of people with mental illnesses include stretching while seated, water aerobics at the local Y, walking races, even ballet and yoga classes 101.  These exercises are a great way to keep yourself flexible, to build muscle strength and, (very important), to build self-esteem.  I also stress to all of them to watch their calorie intakes, too.  I've learned that just because a person has a physical or mental challenge, doesn't mean they can't keep their bodies...FIT!  Would you mind sharing this news with your readers?
I've got to go now.  I'm making plans to throw a fitness fun party this weekend for my developmentally delayed friends.  I'm thinking about making a veggie/fruit platter with a low-calorie dip and I'll have some good  music going in case anyone wants to dance.
I've done two DVDs for people with various physical challenges.
Wasn't that a great E-mail?  This wonderful lady didn't tell me more about what she does for a living but, obviously, inspiring those people with various challenges to keep working hard to be fit is an important part of what she does.  I reminded her that I've done two DVDs for people with various physical challenges, one of them, Sit Tight, is still available.  It features an excellent workout from a seated position and, if you have someone in your life you think might benefit from it, you might want to take a look at SIT TIGHT.
The lady who sent me this E-mail asked if I wouldn't mind sharing her tips with everybody else and...I just did!  In the meantime, whether you're physically, mentally or even more challenged to workout because of your age, do your very best to meet that challenge.  Nothing is better for your body than keeping it moving and getting in as much exercise as you can, within your physical limits.  Like I said in the title of today's message, MEET THE CHALLENGE and...