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Friday, 30 September 2016

Are you 40 years-old?  50?  60 years-old or older, like me?  Hey, I'm 68 years-old and I have to say, I still have plenty of energy and a real zest for life.  Forget my chronological years, though.  One thing I do not feel is...old!  Good for me and, if you're about my age and feel the same way, I can only say...good for us!  Research has shown that older people who felt three or more years younger than their actual age had lower death rates, compared with those folks who felt their age, or even a year or two older than their chronological age.  Now that doesn't even sound like a good thing.

Do you think having a youthful feeling actually helps keep people living longer?
So do you think having a youthful feeling actually helps keep people living longer?  Well, here's something to consider.  Researchers did find a relationship between a person's self-perceived age and their risk of death from cardiovascular causes.  They speculate that feeling younger may have lead to those people having better health habits.  They were more likely to focus on eating the right foods and making exercise a regular part of their lives.  Now I do like the sound of that.  And of course, good habits like those will add years to your life.  That's just a fact!
A lot of young people, like those in their teens or 20s, have a sense of "invincibility."  They feel like they're going to live forever, and don't spend a whole lot of time even thinking about getting older.  But hey, to see that they will get older, all they've got to do is keep living!  LOL.  (I just hope they do.)  The good news is that feeling younger, even when you're older, may also inspire a simular sense of resilience that keeps even us older people feeling younger.  There's something else I like the sound of.  So, how to keep yourself feeling younger?
Challenge yourself to try new things, experiment with new ideas and develop new skills.
Always challenge yourself to try new things, experiment with new ideas and try developing new skills.  Use that brain of yours for a little exploration.  That alone will help keep your brain strong, your mind sharp and feeling more youthful as the calendar years keep passing.
Be sure to connect with people, too.  It's never too late to make a new friend and from those new friendships, you'll probably end up learning some of those new ideas I talked about earlier.  Commit yourself to a hobby you enjoy.  It could be gardening, going to the theater or a concert, taking a dance class or reading a good book.  These activities help keep your mind focused and that's also good for your brain.
How old do you feel?
How old do you feel?  Well, it surely has a whole lot to do with the way you're living your life right now.  Take care of your body by eating the right foods.  Maintain a healthy weight.  Exercise everyday.  Try new activities.  Enjoy life, engage yourself IN life and I promise, you'll end up feeling and probably looking a lot younger than you are, too.