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Friday, 19 December 2014

As in yogurt, that is!  Oh, I just love yogurt.  Remember, back in the 1980s, when frozen yogurt was all the rage?  It offered the creamy goodness of ice cream but with a lot less fat and calories.  These days, Pinkberry is the upscale frozen yogurt chain that has more or less cornered the market.  They almost have their own cult following of devotees.  But today, I'm here to talk about a non-frozen yogurt that I love every bit as much...GREEK yogurt!  It's a Mediterranean superfood that's high in fat-burning protein and good-for-your-bones calcium.  But there are some other good-for-your-whole-body things that Greek yogurt has to offer.  Let me tell you about a few of them.  

You can use Greek yogurt as a meat tenderizer.


Did you know that you can use Greek yogurt as a meat tenderizer?  That's right, you can increase the tenderness and juiciness of that holiday roast by marinating it overnight in a combination of plain Greek yogurt, mixed with some of your favorite herbs and spices.  Your guests and you will love it!
Want to create your own delicious and healthy trifle that doesn't cost you a whole lotta calories?  Combine Greek yogurt with a healthy mixture of your own creation.  Layer the yogurt with pomegranate, blueberries, strawberries or any favorite berry.  Add a few crushed walnuts, pecans or any favorite nuts along with just a teaspoon of honey to create a yummy treat.  And it'll be so pretty, too!
I know some of you won't be able to resist those holiday pies this season.  (I talked about them a few days ago.)  If you have a slice, please do so sparingly and be sure to count it on your FoodMover.  It's okay to have a little sweet fun this holiday season, just don't overdo it.  But here's where that Greek yogurt can help.  Instead of topping that slice of pumpkin pie or other holiday dessert with a fattening dollop of sugary, high-fat whipped cream, top it with a tablespoon of flavored Greek yogurt instead.  You'll still get the creamy goodness you like, just without all of the extra fat and calories.
Greek yogurt can be a real asset to your weight-loss plans.
For the holidays and for any day, Greek yogurt can be a real asset to your weight-loss plans.  It's low in calories, low in fat and so good for you, too!  I suggest you keep a few cups in the fridge year-round for when you want a tasty snack that's not gonna bust your calorie-budget.  For a one-cup serving of any low-fat yogurt, close just one Low Fat Diary window on your Foodmover, grab yourself a spoon and...enjoy!
Hey, I love all kinds of yogurt but when it comes to my favorite, believe me, I speak GREEK very well!  LOL.