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Tuesday, 01 September 2015

Ahhhh, can you feel it yet?  Well, I guess that depends on the part of the country you live in.  I'm betting our Canadian friends are already beginning to feel the September cool-down.  Summer's not over just yet but in less than three weeks, we'll be welcoming the first day of fall.  Ahhhh, I'll bet by then everyone will be feeling that seasonal cool-down.  Vacation season is over, the kids are back in school, my brother and sister-in-law will soon begin attending those Saints home games at the Superdome down in New Orleans.  (GEAUX SAINTS!)  Yep, the cooler temperatures will be welcomed but there's one thing I don't want you cooling down on this month.  And that would be your fight to lose this weight!

The start of September is the perfect time to double-down on your weight-loss efforts.
In fact, I'd say this new month is the perfect time to double-down on your weight-loss efforts.  September has kind of a special newness all its own.  What, with the start of a new school year, the new TV show season starting up and the new fall season itself, what better time to work even harder on creating the new you? Another thing, I'll bet you're already seeing Christmas decorations going up in your local malls.  They seem to come earlier every year, don't they?  Pretty soon, they'll just start leaving Christmas decorations up year-round!  LOL.  But the thing I want you to think about today is...last Christmas.
No, I'm not talking about the presents, the decorating, the shopping and all the other hard but fun work that goes into the Christmas holiday.  I'm talking about the present you promised yourself during the Christmas season of 2014.  Isn't that when you promised that by this coming Christmas, you were going to weigh less than you did a year ago?  And how well are you doing with that promise, huh?  Five pounds a month, that's a healthy rate for the average person to lose weight.  That's why I issue my Five-Pounds-A-Month Weight-Loss Challenge to you at the beginning of the new year.  This is the first day of month nine, which means eight months of the year are already gone.  8 months X 5 pounds.  Are you at the magic 40 pounds lost so far this year?
Are you feeling better about how well you did with your weight in August, on this first day of September?
Remember the title of last month's message on the first day of August?  It was AUUGGHH, AUGUST!  I called it that because a lot of people who'd promised themselves they were going to do so much better losing weight this year hadn't done so good by the time August 1st rolled around.  Those are the people who probably felt like screaming AUUGGHH when they stepped on the scale that first day of last month.  I tried to pump you up and get you not to scream but, instead, to make a deal with yourselves to work harder in August to get to your goal by the first day of this month.  So, did you?  Are you feeling better about how well you did in August on this first day of September?  Did you turn that auugghh into an...AH-H--H-H-H, look how much better I've done this month!  Hey, that's what I'm talking about!
You've got four whole months left in 2015.  That's plenty of time to start "decorating" that body of yours in time for Christmas by turning up the heat on losing the weight you want to lose between now and the end of the year.  The temperatures may be turning cooler but this is no time to be cooling down on your efforts to lose weight.  That's right, turn up the heat on your fight to lose this weight between now and December.  Hey, I can't think of anything cooler than that!
HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SEPTEMBER, EVERYBODY!  But fall or no fall, the last thing I want cooling down this month are your efforts to lose that weight.  You've still got time so GET TO WORK!