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Sunday, 01 May 2016

Certainly may what?  What the heck am I talking about?  Oh, come get it.  TODAY is  MAY 1!  HAPPY FIRST DAY OF MAY, everybody!  And the "may" I gave you permission to do?  Well, it's all about the fact that you have my permission, you MAY get to work or keep working to lose all of the weight you need to lose this year!  Have you started?  And have you been consistent since the first day of this year working hard to reach your weight-loss goal?  Oh my goodness, here we are, already beginning the fifth month of 2016.  Are you meeting and uh, MAY-be even beating my Five-Pounds-A-Month-Weight-Loss--Challenge?  Oh-oh, time for our first day of the month math lesson and checkup.  LOL.

My challenge is for you to lose five-pounds-per-month, each month of the year. 
As you know, my challenge is for you to lose five-pounds-per-month, each month of the year.  Four months of 2016 are gone.  4X5=20, so that means you would be seeing your weight about 20 pounds less than it was on January 1st.  Now that would be good news, wouldn't it?  And some of you have done just that and maybe even better since the beginning of the year.  If that's the case, I'm sure you're feeling so-o-o-o good on this first day of May.  
But even if your numbers lost have not been too satisfying so far this year, it's no reason to feel bad.  That is, not if you're still committed to winning this fight!  And are you?  Well, you'd better be.  This year and every year, I stress how important it is for you to lose those extra pounds.  It's not about simply looking good, either.  (Although that is one great benefit of your losing weight.)  But it's also about feeling good about yourself, not just for how much better you're looking on the outside.  Every bit as important is what losing that weight is doing for the inside of your body!
With every pound you lose, you're also reducing your risk for diabetes, stroke or issues with your heart. 
If you're meeting the challenge to lose this weight, already your blood pressure is probably lower.  With every pound you lose, you're reducing your risk for diabetes, stroke or issues with your heart.  That daily hour of exercise you should be doing is paying off, too.  You should be in a better mood.  Your energy level is improved.  You have more stamina.  You're even sleeping better.  Yep, you're healthier and a lot more fit!  You're probably smiling more these days, too...just because you're feeling so proud of yourself.  Well go ahead and take a bow, you've earned it!
Are YOU not feeling or seeing the changes yet?  If not, it could be because you haven't been committed to winning this fight.  Soon, vacation season begins.  So will the picnics, barbecues and all of the other food temptations that come with the summer season.  And oh, I've probably already pulled out those shorts you wore last summer.  Do they still fit?  Or are they more like falling off you (HOORAY) since last summer?  Or...are they even a little more snug than they were last year?  Oh, oh!  Now that just won't do!  Please, please,'s time for you to get serious about finishing the job of losing all of the weight you resolved to lose back in January.  It's not too late to get serious,'s just time.  Any DAY is perfect to get started and since this is the first day of the fifth month, when it comes to your losing this weight, I can only say...
YES, YOU MAY!  Keep the fight going!