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Friday, 29 July 2016

To EXERCISE?  Hey, I've got 'em!  Yesterday, I talked again about the many ways in which exercise is so-o-o-o very beneficial for your body...and soul!  I've told you before, the list of reasons to make exercise a daily part of your life just keeps getting longer.  Remember some of those benefits from yesterday?  I'll remind you.  It's good for your mind and body.  Exercise helps improve your memory.  That energy you spend exercising?  Well, it gives your body even more energy!  And if all of those reasons weren't enough for you to get that body of yours moving, I've got some more!

Exercise may help keep depression at bay.


Exercise may help keep depression at bay, that's according to a study published in February of last year.  Researchers looked at 10 years' worth of date and found that women who were meeting the current guidelines for exercise, that is at least 2 1/2 hours per week of moderate-intensity exercise, reported 50% fewer synptoms of depression.  That's compared to women who didn't exercise nearly as much or not at all.  (Oh, my!)  And on top of that, the more often those women worked out, the less likely they were to show signs of depression.  Now how's about that, huh?  But wait, it gets better!

Exercise can help reduce your cravings to overeat.  Now who would have thought that?  Let me tell you why.  Turns out exercise may be the key to keeping your appetite in check.  A study published last April found that people who exercised regularly after doing mental work (as on your 9-5 job or at school) ended up eating 100 fewer calories per day than those people who did mental work, then remained sedentary.  A University of Alabama professor believes exercise has the ability to increase available fuel to your brain.  Your brain then "tells" your body that it has received the energy it needs and that you don't need to replinish it with food.  Hey, no wonder those folks who worked out regulary ate fewer calories each day.  And here's a benefit of exercise that should really get your attention.

Exercise reduces your risk of getting serious forms of cancer.


Exercise reduces your risk of getting serious forms of cancer.  To better understand the role fitness has to play in cancer prevention, researchers at the National Cancer Institute analyzed data from 1.4 million people who reported their physical activity levels over an 11-year period.  Those people who were more active had a 20% lower risk of getting some serious forms of cancer, including cancer of the esophagus, lung, kidney and stomach.  These findings build on earler research showing that exercise can significantly reduce the risk of colorectal and other forms of cancer.

Seen enough?  Are you starting to see why I've been telling you all these years to get that body of your moving and sweatin'?  I mean, come on...all that and regular exercise is going to help you shed those extra pounds, too!  So, get moving, America!  Don't you think I've given you enough REASONS to EXERCISE!?