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Sunday, 01 February 2015

What?  Have the first 31 days of 2015 passed already?  Gee, that was fast!  Uh, February...what was your hurry?  I guess you just couldn't wait to get here!  And now that the second month of the new year has arrived, I hope I'm among the first to wish you a HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FEBRUARY! let's get to work!
Are you feeling down because you didn't see your weight go down in all?
So, how was your January?  For years now, I've been issuing my Five-Pounds-A-Month Weight-Loss Challenge, wherein I challenge you to lose five pounds each month of the year.  Did you reach that goal in January?  Did you maybe even surpass that goal?  OR...are you reading today's message feeling a little down because you didn't meet the challenge or maybe didn't see your weight go all?  I hope that last choice isn't the case.  But, you know what?  Even if it is, it's not too late to make meeting the challenge happen for you in this brand new month.
February is known most of all for one big holiday...VALENTINE'S DAY, of course.  It's the holiday where all of our attention turns to the oh-so important emotion of love.  I'm talking about the love you have for your spouse or mate.  The love for your children.  The love for your friends.  But the most important person I want you to concentrate on LOVING this month is....YOU!  Now wait, that's not as "selfish" as it may sound.  Because if your love yourself enough, you'll be more committed to doing the right things for your life and yes, for that body of yours.  And when it comes to loving your body, the first thing you'll want to do is work hard on keeping yourself healthy.  But if you're overweight or obese, and if you've been that way for a long time, let me ask you...where is that LOVE you owe yourself?
Did you not love yourself more than you loved the food in January?
Did you not love yourself more than you loved the food in January?  (Boy, that one's important!)  Did you love yourself enough in January to get in 31 hours of exercise, one hour for each day of the month?  (That one's just as important.)  Did you love yourself enough to say NO to the foods that have caused you to gain weight and made your life unhealthy and unhappy?  If you did not do all of those things for yourself in the month of January, then I've got that important question for you again: Where is the love?
Alright dear friends, let's make reaching your weight-loss goals more of a priority during this new month.  And let me tell you why it's not selfish to love yourself first.  Because you love yourself so much, you're going to work harder at losing this weight.  And when you do, you're going to be adding years to your life.  That's just a fact.  Another fact is that by adding those years to your life, you're going to be around for years to come.  You'll be here longer to share that love you have with those people in your life you love as much, if not more than you love yourself.  (I'm sure you parents out there know what I mean.)  Get to work this month showing that love and proving that love by working harder to lose the weight you want and need to lose.
Okay, it's not a Leap year so February has only 28 days in 2015, that's three days less than January.  So if you thought February got here fast, in just 28 days, the month of March will come marching into our lives.  Yep, February got here in a hurry.  But I don't want you to get in a "hurry" trying to drop those pounds to make up for lost time.  (It's a recipe for mistakes!)  Slow, steady and dedicated work wins this fight.  And you've got the ability to win it, too!
Promise yourself to make February better.
FEBRUARY may have gotten here in a hurry.  But if January wasn't such a great month for your weight-loss efforts...promise yourself to make February better.  And oh yeah, I'll be here everyday this month to remind you that you ARE going to reach that goal of yours!  No need to hurry and...DON'T YOU WORRY!  
(Don't forget to watch those Super Bowl party calories today!)