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Friday, 01 August 2014

Is that the way you're feeling on the first day of this new month?  Oh dear, I hope not!  Especially if you're feeling like screaming AAUUGGHH! over your weight-loss efforts.  Because, if that is the way you're feeling, it can only be because you haven't worked as well as you should have during the past seven months at dropping those extra pounds.  In that case you just might feel like letting out a little primal scream.  But instead, let's examine the PRIME reasons you may not be so satisfied with your weight-loss so far this year.
How'd you do with your weight in July?
Here we are in the last full month of summer.  Have you taken your summer vacation already?  And if the answer is yes, did you take your good eating and exercise habits along with you?  There was Memorial Day weekend back at the unofficial start of summer, the end of May and, of course there was the 4th of July holiday just last month.  Maybe there was a big family reunion or picnic you had to attend this summer.  So, how'd you do?  More to the point, how'd you do with the barbecues, the picnic-baskets filled with fried chicken, the theme-park treats and all of the other culinary trappings of summer?  Did you give in to all of those temptations, (or too much of them anyway), and have you kept your exercise program going strong this summer?  Come on, be honest now.  Because even though you may not have to tell ME the whole truth, the REAL truth will be in those numbers you see when you get on your scale each morning.  (Oh-oh.  Is that an AAUUGGHH!  I hear?)
Come on everybody, it's the first day of month eight of 2014 and it's not TOO LATE to right the ship that's gonna sail you on the journey to the new you.  At the start of each new month, it's a good time to review your weight-loss efforts of the month before.  There's no need to feel down because your weight is not down to where you want it to be.  The better thing to do is to make up your mind that you're going to try harder to eat better and exercise more in this brand new month 2014 is handing you.  Are you ready to put this new month to work for you?  Of course, you are!
How successful have you been at meeting my Five-Pounds-A-Month Weight-Loss Challenge?
How successful have you been at meeting my Five-Pounds-A-Month Weight-Loss Challenge?  Seven months are gone in this year and at five-pounds-lost-a-month, are you down 35 pounds so far in 2014?  If you are, I'll bet you're not screaming...AAUUGGHH!  You're feeling proud, you're feeling good and you want to shout from the rooftops about the success you've had so far with dropping those pounds.  Hey, I can't hear you, shout it LOUDER!  LOL!  Seriously, I'm just as proud of you as you are of yourself!
But, if you find yourself on the other side of the street, wondering why you haven't had the same success with losing those pounds, ask yourself what can you do to get those numbers moving in the direction you want?  Hey, you've been coming here to read my daily messages...right?!  The answer had better be yes because all year-long, I've been reminding and telling you that, like so many others reading today's message, you can reach your own weight-loss goal, too.  In fact, I want you to double your efforts this month.  Say these four words out loud to yourself and mean them...I CAN DO IT!  And, if you DO mean them, if you make this last month of summer the one where you really get your determination going, when the first day of September arrives, 31 days from now, you could have lost FIVE POUNDS or more.  In that case, the one word you won't be shouting on September 1 isn't AAUUGGHH!  It'll be...HOO-R-A-A-A-A-Y!
Happy 1st Day of August, everybody!  Now, get to work making this new month count!