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Sunday, 21 September 2014

I've always taken good care of my skin ever since I was a lot younger and even more, now that I'm into my 60s.  No matter how old you are, the little changes that take place with your skin with each passing decade can take you by surpise.  Hey, that wrinkle wasn't there last week!  LOL.  But seriously, whether you're 15 or way past fif-TEE, you can combat the thinning skin that may make you look older, even though you may not feel older.  By the way, women notice significant changes during their 50s due to a drop in postmenopausal estrogen levels.  But not to worry, you can help beat the aging process with your skin and here are some tips to help.
Choose cleansers that remove the dirt without stripping your skin of moisture.
CLEANSE.  And choose cleansers that remove the dirt without stripping your skin of that all-important moisture.  Products containing natural exfoliators, like alpha hydroxyl acids, help smooth away dead skin, clear up menopausal acne, (who even knew there was such a thing), and stimulate collagen production.  Remember, even into your 50s, your skin is constantly regenerating itself and exfoliating your skin can help it keep doing its job. 
PROTECT.  Did you know that 90% of skin damage is caused by the sun?  According to one study, applying a sunscreen daily can help halt skin-aging by as much as 24%.  So don't forget to use that sunscreen, even with those bright, hot, sunny, summer days behind us.  Don't forget, the sun is still shining and affecting your skin whether it's 95 or 25 degrees outside!  While you're at it, be sure to monitor your skin for pimples that don't heal, bumps that may bleed easily and rough patches on your skin.  By the way, those rough patches can sometimes be precancerous so be sure to see a dermatologist if they're a persistent problem for you.
SMOOTH.  Retinoids increase collagen production, which promotes younger-looking skin and minimizes imperfections, including wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.  Antioxidant creams, lotions and serums containing vitamins C & E also help soften and smooth the skin.
Take good care of your skin and it'll keep you looking pretty as a picture.
And oh yeah, would you like to know two other things that'll help keep your skin glowing, even past age 50?  Be sure to eat a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables.  Your skin will love all of those vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants.  While you're at it, keep that exercise program going strong into your 50s and beyond.  Your skin will love it and all of that sweatin' is good for your skin, too.  Hey, who says you have to be in your 20s to qualify as pretty?  Not me!  I say feel and BE pretty at any age.  All you've got to do is take good care of that skin of yours and it'll help keep you looking pretty as a picture and feeling good about yourself, no matter how old you are!
You cute little thing, you!