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Friday, 31 October 2014

Or of those Halloween candy calories, either.  Are you?  It's Halloween Day in America and this evening, millions of kids in their cutest, most clever and yes, their scariest costumes will be ringing doorbells from California to Connecticut shouting that greeting we all know...TRICK-OR-TREAT!  And it's like I told you last week, those sweet treats may be fine on occasion but tonight, millions of American children and adults will go into candy overload!  Oh, dear!  Calling all dentists!  LOL.  But seriously, all of that sugar is no laughing matter.  So let's prepare a little plan of attack for making sure your kids or YOU don't give in to all of those sweet treats this evening.  Not all at once I used to do when I was a kid!  LOL.
One university study estimated that a child can bring home up to 22 pounds of candy on Halloween!
First, let me open your eyes a bit on just how much damage can be done tonight.  A study done a few years ago by the University of Colorado estimated that a child can bring home up to 22 pounds of candy after an evening of trick-or-treating.  That much?  (Boy, I should have been following those kids around when I was still doing my trick-or-treating back when I was nine years-old!  LOL.)  The same study showed that kids who ended up with that much sweet loot could be bringing home with them a bag filled with something to the tune of 65,000 calories.  Now that IS scary!  So what's a parent to do without ruining the fun of their child's treat collection or coming across as the mean-old witch who happens to live in their house on Halloween night?  LOL.  Well, Mom & Dad, you do need to set some ground rules.
First of all, before your kids leave the house, please instruct them NOT to eat any of the candy before they get home.  In fact, you should either accompany your children or have a trusted neighbor or family member go along to make sure they don't.  I'm sure you all know that you need to inspect those Halloween treats first to make sure they're all safe to eat, before your children have even one piece!  Then have your children sort their treats into three piles.  The ones they really like, sort of like and don't like at all.  (I don't think I ever met a candy I didn't like when I was a kid!  LOL.)
Don't allow your children to devour all of that candy in one night!
Let your children enjoy the treats they really like most first.  But like I said, don't allow them to devour all of that candy in just one night!  Set a time frame for when they can enjoy their treats and how much candy they can eat each day.  Tell them that this way, they can spread their Halloween fun across several days.  (Making you seem like more like a hero than a witch!  LOL.)  Issue those treats they can have for the day and store the rest out of sight.  (You may even have to hide them.)  After your kids have had a chance to enjoy the candies they like most, they'll probably begin to lose interest in the rest and you may even be able to discard them.
Now remember, it's important to teach your children how to lead a balanced lifestyle when it comes to the foods they eat.  Teach them that while candy is fun, it cannot be the focus of the foods they eat everyday.  Of course, in order to do this, it'll take more than just your words.  What kind of lifestyle are your children seeing you live each day?  Do they see you loading up on the very same sweets and junk foods you don't want to see them eating?  Do your children see you living a healthy lifestyle by exercising everyday?  Remember, children learn by example and if they see Mom & Dad eating right and making it serious business to take good care of themselves, they're more likely to follow in your footsteps.
Hope you're ready for a FUN Halloween night!
I hope you're all ready for a FUN night tonight!  And don't you dare let your kid's Halloween treats tempt you into messing up your weight-loss efforts by, well...gobbling up those mini-packs of Hershey Bars, Skittles and Milk Duds.  Hey, I ain't scared 'o no calories so don't let them TRICK you into giving in to those sweet treats tonight!