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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Oh, to be a kid again.  You know, just one more time!  LOL.  Growing up in New Orleans, all of the big holidays were fun, from Halloween to Christmas to New Year's.  And hey, just to make sure we never ran out of holidays to celebrate, my hometown even has one of its very own.  MARDI GRAS!  But now it's time for Easter and, did you know?  Mardi Gras and Easter are actually linked to each other.  Just like Easter Sunday moves around each year, Fat Tuesday, the climax of Mardi Gras season, moves around on the calendar along with it.  Well, Fat Tuesday was last month and now, New Orleans is celebrating again this entire Easter weekend.
New Orleans' historic French Quarter is the focal point of its Easter Sunday.
The city's historic French Quarter, as usual is the focal point of its Easter Sunday.  And yes, we really do have an Easter parade!  Oh, you should see the colorfully decorated horse-drawn carriages in the parade as they slowly make their way though the cozy streets of the French Quarter.  And the ladies riding in those carriages will be wearing some of the most glorious Easter bonnets you've ever seen.  I used to love following the parade when I was a kid.  (I wanted to wear one of those hats!  LOL.) I'm telling you, the French Quarter had to be one of the most amazing neighborhoods in America to grow up in.
Of course, when I was a kid, my holiday would have begun with going through my basket to see what goodies the Easter bunny had brought me.  Well, it was more like my Easter-father!  (Thanks, Dad!  LOL.)  And what are you and your family doing on this Easter Sunday?  Did you follow my tips from yesterday on how to give your children an Easter basket that was filled with fewer of those calorie and sugar-loaded treats?  Are you, your neighbors or maybe your church putting on a big Easter egg hunt today.  (They have a fabulous one in New Orleans' City Park for thousands of children every year.)  And speaking of church, are you attending an Easter service today?  I loved learning about the Easter story at. St. Louis Cathedral when I was a kid.  And I have to say, no matter your religion, the Easter Story is a beautiful one.  It's about Jesus returning to life, after being crucified and he did it for the good of all humankind.  He was literally born we could be, too.
Losing the weight you need to lose is kind of like being born again.
And if you think about it, losing the weight you need to lose is kind of like being born again.  In fact, just this week, I read an e-mail from a lady who was so excited because she had been able to go from 297 pounds down to 119 pounds!  That's almost two-thirds of her  body weight and boy, talk about being born again!  This lady truly had created a brand NEW LIFE for herself.  And since "new life" is really what Easter is all about, I guess you could say she has written her very own Easter story.  And, may I ask, are you working on yours?
There's just something about the Easter season that puts you in the mood for the fresh and new.  The pretty pastel colors decorating everything.  That little girl proudly wearing her adorable new pink Easter dress to church.  And let's not forget those beautiful Easter bonnets.  (Are you wearing one today?)  Yes, it's a beautiful season and a holiday that celebrates THE NEW.  Have a blessed Easter Sunday with your family and friends.  And okay, since today is Easter, you can have just a few of those jelly beans.  Just remember to close one EXTRAS window on your FoodMover for every seven jelly beans.  Because remember, tomorrow is Monday and you've got to keep on working hard, writing your Easter story.  And, oh yes, when you do reach your goal, it'll be just like you've been..BORN AGAIN!
HAPPY EASTER, everybody!