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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Having one of them for dinner tonight?  Chicken or pork?  Well, I guess the better question is which of them would be healthier for you to have for dinner tonight?  That depends on a few things.  But I'm sure you've seen those ads that promote pork as..."the other white meat."  The pork producers took that route because chicken has long been touted as a healthy meat for years.  So, who is right?

Certain cuts of both pork or chicken are lean and healthy.
Like I said, it depends on a few things.  Several factors come into play when choosing the healthiest meat to serve for dinner.  Certain cuts of both pork or chicken are lean and healthy, while other cuts of either meat are less desirable.  I told you a couple of months ago how dark meat chicken, namely its thighs, are higher in fat than the breast, the white meat.  But for any cut of either meat, how you prepare it is very important, if you want to keep it healthy.  Hey, anyone knows that a grilled pork loin is gonna be a heckuva lot healthier for you than a plate of deep-fried chicken nuggets, right?
With either meat, leaner cuts are naturally low in fat and calories.  If you want to serve your family lean cuts of pork, opt for tenderloin or loin chop cuts.  They offer the pork flavor you love but are also less fatty than some other parts of the pig.  When it comes to chicken, the breast is well-known for being lean and low in calories.  But you have to remove the skin  to get that benefit.  (The skin is where the fat is.)  Bottom line is that either of these lean cuts of pork or chicken contain about 45 calories, 2-3 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein per ounce.
You've got to watch the cuts of either meat.
Pork cutlets, shoulder roast, bacon or sausage, (now we're getting into some serious numbers), often contain double the amount of fat and calories as the leaner cuts of pork I talked about.  Likewise, chicken breast, (skin intact), and dark meat chicken also contain more fat and calories.  So again, you've got to watch the cuts of either meat and be sure to count them on your FoodMover to help keep those daily calorie and fat grams numbers you eat just where you want them.
Keep your lean cuts of pork or chicken low in fat and calories by using healthy cooking methods.  Always trim away any extra fat before cooking.  Grilling or broiling lean cuts of pork or chicken does not add any fat or calories.  Instead of coating either meat with oil before cooking, use a non-stick cooking spray, you'll save lots of calories that way.  If you are grilling pork or chicken, non-stick cooking sprays also help keep the meat from sticking to your grill, without adding more fat.  Go easy on the added salt, too.  I suggest seasoning your cuts of lean meat with ground pepper and herbs.  They'll add lots of flavor but no additional fat or calories.
Grilling season is just about here!
Oh, boy!  Grilling season is just about here.  So fire up those grills and whether you decide to go oink-oink or cluck-cluck, prepare that pork or chicken the healthiest, tastiest way possible.  Keep them lean so YOU can get and stay lean!