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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Have you ever heard the expression, "kicking the can down the road?"  It's used a lot in politics, usually in a situation where a tough decision has to be made and our elected officials, rather than doing what it takes to solve the problem, offer a short-term fix that only delays the problem ever being taken care of.  Hmmm, wonder how I can apply that expression to your weight-loss efforts?  Or maybe, you're already working it out in your own head?

Back in January, you were all fired up, ready to take on losing the weight you needed to lose...once and for all! 
Remember, w-a-a-a-y back in January, when you were all fired up and ready to take on losing the weight you need to lose...once and for all?!  Hey, you may have even started out great!  You made it through the months of January, February and even into March doing what you knew had to be done in order to lose that weight.  You'd taken control of your eating habits.  (Check.)  You'd begun a dedicated exercise program and worked out faithfully for a full hour each day.  (Check.)  Your attitude was in the right place and you were so determined to reach your weight-loss goal.  (Check!)  But then something happened.  What was it?
Did you overdo your eating habits on more than one occasion, start feeling blue about it and decided you'd get back on program later in the year?  (Kick!)  Did you hit a plateau, get all stressed-out about it and "treat" yourself to a binge to soothe your feelings?  (Kick!)  Were there more than a few days where you just "didn't have time" to exercise and decided you'd get back to your daily workouts later, but never did.  (Kick!)  Or maybe you even got emotionally upset about something in your life and food was the only way to help you deal with it.  (Kick!)  Boy. somebody's really kicking that can down the road!
When it comes to losing the weight you promised to lose back in January, how well have you done in 2015?
Okay, now I seriously want to know.  When it comes to losing the weight you promised to lose way back in January, how well have you done?  Those of you who've successfully met my Five-Pounds-A-Month Weight-Loss Challenge have reason to celebrate on this FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER!  Let's see, 11 months X 5 pounds loss per month equals 55 pounds you would have lost so far this year.  Some of you may have lost more than that, some of you may have loss less and, oh my, some of you may not have loss any weight at all.  Or worse, you may have even gained weight in 2015!  Now that's no good!  See what kicking the can down to road leads to?  I won't call it failure because you haven't "failed."  But what you also haven't done is try hard enough.  You didn't stay committed.  You made excuses.  You may have made mistakes but the result has been the same.  You've been kicking the can down the road!
Well, like the title of this message implies, my're out of road!  But wait, there's some good news,'re not out of time.  Oh sure, it may be the first day of the last month of the year.  But it's never too late to pick yourself up, brush the dust off yourself and make the commitment to lose this weight and for real this time!  Don't wait until the first of the year either.  You've been there, done that!  I'm talking about starting today, in fact, I'm talking about starting now...right now!
It's time to get serious about losing that weight.
Right now, I want you to head for that mirror, look yourself in the eye and remind yourself one more time how much losing this weight means to you.  Don't give me that "I'll wait until the holidays are over" nonsense, either.  That's why you're where you are right now.  It's time to get serious.  How much do you want this, really?  Come on everybody, stop kicking the can.  Pick it up, toss it into the garbage where it belongs and stop denying yourself the weight-loss success you deserve.  And you can have that success, too.  
With that can out of the way, there's a clean new road directly ahead of you.  And the only thing I want you kicking are those bad eating habits out of your life.  And then get those legs of yours kicking, as you make exercise a part of your life all 31 days of December and into the new year!  Like I said, you might be out of road but you're sure not out of time!