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Tuesday, 07 July 2015

It's one of the "explosives" you have to look out for when you're working to lose weight.  I'm talking about those foods you might not even think of that are loaded with sugar.  That's right, they're basically SUGAR BOMBS!  And nowhere are they more likely to get you into trouble than when you're eating out at one of your favorite restaurants.  That's where you really need to be aware of added sugar in your foods.  In fact, I want to tell you about a few of them and give you some ideas on how to diffuse those sugar bombs by making healthier choices.

A serving of barbecue sauce-slathered ribs can pack up to 92 grams of sugar.
Beginning with barbecue ribs.  On their own, they may not seem like such a bad choice, eaten in moderation.  After all, they're cooked on a grill and not fried.  But a serving of sauce-slathered ribs can pack up to 92 grams of sugar, as much as you'll get from eating a pint of ice cream.  (Oh, my!)  You'd be better off having the grilled or seared steak, without the sauce.  It's just as filling but will contain only a couple of grams of sugar.  (You don't have to eat it all, either.  Grab a doggy bag and have the rest for lunch tomorrow.)
Tomato soup, another innocent sounding choice.  But depending on how it's prepared, one made with cream can contain up to 16 grams of sugar per bowl, two-thirds of your daily limit.  Have a broth-based soup instead.  You'll get all the comfort of that tomato soup with only a fraction of the sugar content.
Sweet & sour chicken, who can resist it at your favorite Asian restaurant, right?  But even a small serving can pack a whopping 40 grams of sugar.  A better choice?  Go for the steamed wontons instead.  They usually contain almost no sugar and you can add some low-sodium soy sauce for flavor.
A half-cup serving of cole slaw can contain 16 grams of sugar.
Coleslaw, a favorite American sidedish this time of year.  But just a half-cup can contain 16 grams of sugar, about the same amount of sugar you'd get from eating a Pop-Tart.  How's about having some sauerkraut instead?  It'll have only 1 gram of sugar and unpasteurized coleslaw is a good source of healthy probiotics.
Tick, tick, tick, tick...can you hear them?  It's those sugar bombs!  Don't let them explode on your plate, then in your stomach and blow-up your weight-loss efforts.  When dining out, use these tips on some of those restaurant choices.  And when it comes to the foods you prepare at home, please remember to watch the added sugar and don't turn your recipes into...sugar bombs!