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Monday, 25 May 2015

The many thousands of men and women who've given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, in service to our great country.  Not only that, their sacrifices have helped insure the freedoms all of us Americans share.  I cannot think of a greater sacrifice.  And that's what today, Memorial Day, is all about.  Paying tribute to those brave women and men who have served in the United States armed services.

Today, we pay tribute to those Americans who've paid for our freedom, with their lives.
No one likes war.  But sadly, the nature of we human beings makes war necessary.  And I should add, too often in fact!  From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War to both World Wars, to the ongoing battles in the Middle East, we pay tribute to those Americans who have paid for our freedom, with their lives.  They don't deserve just one special day because they have made every day special, for each of us.  I cry every time I hear about the loss of our soliders when I watch the news.  It's not just one soldier's death I mourn, though.  I also think about the wife or husband, the mother or father, the son or daughter they leave behind.  
Today, we celebrate Memorial Day.  But we've also turned this holiday into kind of the unofficial kickoff of summer vacation season.  For many of us, it'll mean the first big barbecue of the season.  Family members and friends will get together to chow down on grilled ribs and chicken, plates loaded with potato salad and maybe even a scoop or two of homemade ice cream.  Have your fun, America.  But please don't forget the true purpose of this day.  We call it MEMORIAL DAY for a reason.  Its purpose is to honor and to keep those brave soldiers alive in our minds and hearts.
Police officers are some of the bravest human beings on earth.
I should take this chance to pay tribute to some other "soldiers," of a different kind, right here at home.  Their purpose is also to protect and serve us civilians.  I'm talking about those brave men and women in blue, our police officers.  I know, their profession has taken a lot of heat in the news this year.  Some people are accusing police officers of being "trigger-happy" or not respecting some members of our communities.  Truth is, theirs is often a thankless job.  But police officers provide a service many of us take for granted.  And I should add, it takes a special individual to do what they do.  Sure, there may be some "bad cops" in the bunch.  But that's true of human nature.  There are always "the good & the bad" living among us.  But I say the vast majority of police officers are some of the bravest human beings on earth.  The freedoms those military soldiers have fought for are insured for us everyday, every time a police officer puts on that uniform and heads out the door for work.  And tragically, some of them do not return home from work that day.  
How are you kicking off your own summer season on this Memorial Day?  Backyard picnic?  Spending the day at a theme park?  Having a family reunion?  Or maybe you're among the first of us beginning your summer vacation this week.  Well, whatever you're doing today...HAVE FUN!  Eat wisely, get your workouts in and, most important of all, don't take your freedoms for granted.  Remember, someone you've probably never met helped guarantee and is, today, protecting those freedoms for you.
Take time to thank our soliers and our police officers for their service!
If you run into a a member of our armed forces in their uniforms any time soon, please THANK THEM for their service.  And don't forget, there are some others folks in uniform that you owe thanks to today.  Thank those police officers in your town for the amazing jobs they do.  Because sadly, just like our service men and women, many of them have made that ultimate sacrifice, too!