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Friday, 27 March 2015

Of that body of yours, I mean.  Yesterday, I took you from age 18 to 40, telling you about, at various stages of your life, which parts of your body you should be paying special attention to.  I talked about everything from your skin to your eyes.  Well today, we're going to begin with age 50 and which body parts and organs deserve your closer attention.  So let's go, shall we?  Like I said, starting with...

Decline in kidney function begins at about age 50.


Age 50.  Your kidneys.  Now you won't necessarily feel it but decline in kidney function begins at about age 50.  How to help?  The best and one of the more important things to do is to make sure you're drinking plenty of water.  (Something you should have been doing all along but is especially important once you pass the big five-O.)  Since thirst also decreases with age, you may have to remind yourself to drink more of that good-old H20.  One study found that people who drank the most water were less inclined to experience kidney decline.
At age 60...can you hear me?  That's right, time to keep an eye on those ears of yours!  Age-induced hearing loss happens gradually, but 1 in 3 people by ages 65 to 74, have already experienced at least some hearing loss.  There's really not much you can to do slow it down, but listening to or playing lots of loud music or even working in noisy factories or industries like construction can hasten it.  So whenever possible, try to keep the volume down, okay?
65 is a good age to begin making sure your heart is functioning properly.
65 is an important age to begin making sure your heart is okay and functioning properly.  As you age, your heart-muscle cells expand in size, making your heart wall thicker.  Your arteries tend to get a little stiffer, too.  Starting at age 20 to 30, your body's aerobic capabilities peak, that's why it's important to make exercise an important part of your life early in life and keep it help keep your heart STRONG.  Just so you know, heart disease typically kicks in at around age 65.  Please don't forget, daily exercise is one of the best ways to keep that heart of yours in good shape.
At age 70, the brain has begun to slow down and you'll begin to see age-related brain changes speed up.  Keep that brain of yours sharp by practicing mental physical activities that will keep your mind stimulated and engaged.  And by the way, exercise is another activity that helps your brain stay sharp.  When you workout your body, you're also working out your brain.  (I just had to throw that in there and it's so true!)
All you've got to do to get old is keep living!
Hey, no one wakes up one morning and finds themselves suddenly 80 years-old.  But hey, we all get older.  In fact, all you've got to do to get older is to keep living.  And oh yes, my friends, I want us all to keep on living for a long, long time.  Help yourself to do just that by, no matter how old you are today, taking good care of that body and mind of yours...everyday.