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Thursday, 11 February 2016

That's what your body needs, not just this time of year when colds and the flu are more common but...year round!  A strong immune system can help ward off these common sicknesses and you may have noticed lately, a lot of companies are jumping on the immune-system-boosting bandwagon.  Thousands of products on the market today are promising to help your immune system head off disease at the pass and even heal faster if you're unfortunate enough to come down with something.  But the question is, do they work?

A strong and robust immune system can be thought of as the holy grail of good health.
It's very true, a strong and robust immune system can be thought of as the holy grail of good health.  Your body's immune system does everything from fending off infections, helping you bounce back from injuries to reducing the likelihood of serious conditions such as shingles and even cancer.  This intricate network of molecules, cells, tissues and organs in your body usually operates pretty darned good on its own.  That's amazing, when you consider the the constant barrage of assaults our bodies endure each day from germs, pollutants, and other substances we regularly come in contact with.
As we get older though, our immune systems weaken and don't do their job as effectively.  As a result, we gradually become more prone to infections and slower to heal from wounds, including those that result from surgery.  Now let me get back to those products that promise to help boost your body's immune system.  There're more than 1,000 supplements currently on the market in the U.S.A., many of them promising to do just that.  The proof to how well they work, according to Consumer Reports, is in if that supplement increases your resistance to infections.  And the verdict?  Here goes...NO dietary supplement or alternative remedy has been shown to do that for us.  Oh, my!  So what are we to do?  Well wait, there is some good news.
The strength of your body's immune system is very closely tied to your living a healthy lifestyle.
Pop a supplement anyway?  I wouldn't.  Truth is, the strength of your body's immune system is very closely tied to your living a healthy lifestyle.  Hey, now you're talking!  That includes things as obvious as eating a healthy diet everyday, making exercise one of your daily good habits and also making sure to get enough rest.  I've told you many times how important it is to make sure to give your body enough downtime at night.  A good night's sleep is giving that immune system of yours time to do its job.  
So if you want to take one of those supplements that claim to boost your immune system, I'd definitely advise you to consult with your doctor before starting.  But if you want some really good advice on how to help your body's immune system do it's miraculous job for your good health, do come back tomorrow.  I'll have some great suggestions on how to BOOST your body's immune system.