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Saturday, 01 November 2014, no, no!  I'm not sad today.  But maybe I should have written the title of today's message this way instead: S.A.D.  See?  It's an acronym.  But I'll bet you'll never guess what it stands for.  It's short for Standard American Diet.  Any idea what that diet is like?  Well, get a load of these numbers.
16% of men and 13% of women, ages 20-39, admit they eat  pizza every single day.
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), 16% of men and 13% of women in the 20-39 age group admit they eat pizza...every single day.  (These are the young people growing up to be America's future leaders.  I really wish they were all eating better.) And what about the rest of us?  Well, the top source of calories for most Americans goes something like this, (in descending order): baked goods, followed by chicken.  Sugar-sweetened beverages are up next then it's alcohol, (oh dear), and!  And there you have it, the Standard American Diet.  I'm shaking my head now because with news like that...I am sad, after all!
In one of my recent Daily Messages, I pointed out how some food manufacturers are making much-publicized efforts to reduce the number of calories in many of their most over-processed foods.  But the sad news is, (the pun was intended), lots of Americans are ignoring those healthier choices.  We consume less than half of the fruit and fiber recommended by the USDA.  And we eat just 59% of the recommended amount of vegetables.  And you know what else, it shows...on our bodies, I mean.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, annual health care costs related to obesity and its serious medical consequences amount to $150 billion annually.  The financial cost is bad enough but I don't even have to tell you about the emotional costs for obese adults and children.  Is all that worth the temporary pleasure we get from overeating?  Oh, you bet it's not.  We get that momentary feeling of satisfaction while eating a bowl of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, with a few Pepperidge Farm butter cookies on the side.  Tastes good, huh?  So, are you feeling "comforted" now?  But how do you feel, really, when that last cookie and spoonful of ice cream are gone?  Hey, that's not "comfort" you're feeling, is it?  Oh, you know that feeling,'s called guilt!  And see?  Giving in to that temptation, one more time, just wasn't worth it.  Go ahead and admit it, you know I'm right!
If you haven't worked hard on changing your eating habits in 2014, now is the time to start!
Today is the first day of November, everybody!  We've only got two more months left in this year.  And if you haven't worked hard on changing your eating habits in 2014, now is the time to start.  Stop giving in to those temptations to overeat and eating the wrong foods.  We're only a few weeks out from Thanksgiving, with Christmas coming up fast.  (That's right, more temptation is on the way!)  And for those of you who have been working hard on improving your eating habits and getting in your daily exercise this year?  I'll bet you're seeing some pretty amazing results on your scales which means you've got a very special present coming to you this year.  And that is you'll end up weighing less than you did last Christmas.  Now there's something to be excited about, a present you made yourself...FOR yourself!
HAPPY FIRST DAY OF NOVEMBER, everybody!  Now turn that S.A.D. of yours into a F.A.D.  No, not that kind of fad.  I mean FAD as in your smart, healthy and FABULOUS AMERICAN DIET!