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Sunday, 04 October 2015

Which way do you like it?  Wait!  Maybe I'd better be a little more specific.  I mean which do you like most, smoothies or juicing?  (Whew, that's better!  LOL.)  Okay, seriously folks.  As I've pointed out in the past and as you've probably noticed, smoothies and juicing have become all the rage.  The good news is that they're both good ways to boost your daily fruit and vegetable intake, something all of us should be doing more of.  But while you may think of them as the same, they're really not.  So, which one would you say is the better choice?  Think about, which did you choose?  Okay, the best answer i-s-s-s-s...

Blending your fruits and vegetables into a smoothie preserves their precious fiber.
The smoothie!  So, what's makes a smoothie, well...KING?  (No, I'm not getting paid for that plug!  LOL.)  The main difference is that juicing leaves behind that important pulp.  And why is the pulp important?  It contains lots of fiber and nutrients in that fruit or vegetable you may end up throwing away.  And in the process, you're missing out on most of the benefits that produce has to offer.  Blending your fruits and vegetables into a smoothie preserves that precious fiber, helping your smoothie deliver an extra boost of vitamins, minerals and beneficial phytochemicals to your diet.  Your smoothie is including the produce's skins and pith.  Hey, there's some important nutrition in them there skins and pith!  LOL.
Yep, smoothies are better but you should still enjoy them in moderation.  It can easily be turned into a high-calorie, sugar-delivery "cocktail" if it happens to include sweetened yogurt, juice, sorbet or other ingredients added to enhance its sweetness.  Some people even add ice cream to their smoothies.  Hey, why don't they just go ahead and make themselves a milkshake in that case?!  By the way, many made-to-order store-bought smoothies may include some of those sweet ingredients, so be sure and check that label or nutrition chart at Smoothie King or any other store you buy them.
The best way to keep your smoothie nutritionally smooth is to make your own at home.
A better way to keep your smoothie nutritionally smooth is to make your own at home.  It's fun and you can be really creative, adding only what you want to your homemade smoothie.  That way, you know exactly what you're getting.  
I'm glad to see more Americans trading in their sugary soft drinks and high-calorie frappuccinos for healthier smoothies but still, a word of advice.  Smoothies, while providing a healthy alternative to some drinks are no substitute for eating whole fruits and vegetables.  For one thing, it's easier to take in more calories drinking a smoothie, as opposed to eating whole produce.  You'll feel full faster and end up eating less with the whole fruit or veggie, instead of drinking them in a smoothie.  So limit your smoothies to no more than one per day and, in the meantime, be sure to get as many servings of whole fruits and vegetables as you can...everyday!  
Remember, whole, fresh produce will always be the smoothest way to your good health and to reaching your weight-loss goals!