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Monday, 27 April 2015

What would you say it is?  Your treadmill?  Your stationary bike?  Your free-weights?  Your eliptical?  Well, while those are all excellent pieces of exercise equipment, there's another one everyone owns that you probably weren't even aware of.  And you don't have to go to one of those sporting goods superstores to buy it, either.  I'm talking about that body of yours!  Whoa, wait!  Your body is exercise equipment?  Oh yeah, you bet it is!  And let me explain.

Think back to the push-ups, pull-ups, jumping-jacks and sit-ups you used to do in gym class. 
When it comes to workout fads and equipment, everything else may come and go but you'll always have that body of yours.  In fact, if you're my age, go all the way back to your gym days in high school.  Oh my, do I have to?  LOL.  (Hey, not a lot of fond memories for me there.)  Think back to all of those push-ups, pull-ups, jumping-jacks, squats and sit-ups---you grunted through.  Oh yes, they were all great exercises that didn't need any special equipment to do them.  But after 30 minutes to an hour of doing those exercises, believe me, you were sweatin'!  LOL.  
All of those exercises I mentioned are what we call body-weight exercises.  And when I'm traveling on the road, I'll admit to doing them right there in my hotel room before beginning my day.  These exercises make you push, pull or otherwise, (how else to put it), carry your own weight.  (Hey, I like that!)  They're all low-cost, low-maintenance exercises that everyone, from the exercise newbie to the fitness pro, every-body can do!  In fact, body-weight exercises are becoming the latest "fitness trend."  Whodda thought that something so vintage, when it comes to exercise, would all of a sudden become the latest thing?  I guess the old saying is true, everything old is new again!  LOL.
Some gyms are now featuring body-weight exercises.
Some gyms are now featuring body-weight exercises, offering special classes just for them.  Many of these classes are designed for people who haven't worked out in a long time.  They're designed to allow a person to start out slowly, building their strength as they move on to tougher and longer periods of exercise.  That's what I've been telling you to do for years.  If you haven't exercised in a while, you should start out slow then challenge yourself to work a little harder as you get stronger each day.  "Beefcake" Gold's Gyms have even gotten into the act.  Members are put through a 10-minute fitness test consisting of push-ups, squats, crunches, a bench-step and pull-ups.  (Ummph!  I worked up a little sweat just telling you about them!  LOL.)
My classes at Slimmons have always featured, along with our cardio/aerobics segment, about 15 minutes toward the end of class for push-ups, sit-ups and even some free-weights use.  So while body-weight exercises may be the latest trend, it's something I've never stopped doing.  The bottom line is you don't have to invest a ton of money in some fancy piece of exercise equipment to get your daily workouts in.  Whether you're at home, at work or, with vacation season on the way, at play, you'll be carrying your own piece of exercise equipment with you where ever you go!
How's about hitting the floor and doing 20 push-ups this morning?
Okay, how's about hitting the floor and giving yourself 20 push-ups this morning?  If you can only do ten, that's fine.  Just promise yourself to work a little harder tomorrow, shooting for 11 or 12, then 13 or 14 the next day...get it?  That's the whole point of body-weight make yourself stronger every day!  Hey, I'll be joining you!