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Monday, 29 August 2016

Quick, which condiments do you see on the table of most diners?  Easy, right?  You know that bottle of ketchup is going to be there and, most probably, a yellow plastic container of French's mustard.  What about mayonnaise, though?  Chances are, you're going to have to ask your server for it.  But hold it, maybe not for long.  Move over ketchup and mustard, looks like mayo is trying to muscle in on your table space.

Mayonnaise-makers have been playing up the fact that over a short time, their product holds up fine for flavor & safety at room temperature. 
Mayonnaise seems to have always been denied its table space.  That's because of fears it needed to be refrigerated and would spoil sitting at room temperature for too long.  But maybe you've noticed that mayonnaise has been grabbing a little more space at restaurant tables these days.  Mayo manufacturers have been playing up the fact that over a short period of time, for even up to a week, their product held up just fine for flavor and safety at room temperature.  Hmmm, that's something I never would have guessed.  
Over the last year or so, mayonnaise makers like Hellman's, have been promoting a small squeeze bottle they've marked clearly as needing no refrigeration.  And it looks like their efforts have been paying off.  Shipments of table-top mayonnaise (meant mainly for commercial use) have been steadily rising.  Hellman's led the charge with this effort by working hard to debunk the idea that mayonnaise had to be refrigerated at all times for freshness and safety.  But the company has begged to differ.  They say that mayonnaise contains enough acidity to keep it fresh for several days.  They upped the ante, pressuring restaurants by telling them that diners don't like having to wait for a server to bring them extra mayo for the corned beef sandwich they'd just ordered.
Many diners are sticking with the old standbys, ketchup and mustard only at the table. 
Good luck though, Hellman's.  Sounds like you've still got a long way to go to convince those restaurants.  Many of them are sticking with the old standbys, ketchup and mustard only at the table.  At many places, if a customer wants mayo, a couple of tablespoons arrives and is often served in a little saucer or cup.  Or I guess they could hand out some of those mayonnaise packs.
Hey, if you're a mayonnaise fan, a word of caution.  Whether you're using it at home or when you're eating out, use it sparingly.  Because don't forget, it's virtually all fat and just one tablespoon comes in at about 100 calories.  (I'd say that's reason enough not to make it so readily available at the table.)  When buying mayonnaise for your own kitchen, a better choice would be the low-fat versions or perhaps using the much lower in fat and calories "cousin" of mayo, like Miracle Whip salad dressing.   And oh yeah, I'm not letting ketchup off the hook either.  While it may be a lot lower in fat and calories, most ketchup is loaded with added sugar.  (Mustard, you're the only one I'll give a pass, LOL.)
So remember, at home or eating out, lighten up on the mayo so you can see your weight lighten up, too!