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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Is there such a thing?  Oh, I think there is.  In fact, I say any form of daily exercise you make time to do is "perfect" for that body of yours.  Hey, even some exercise time is always better than NO exercise time.  And while we're on the subject, let me give you a few tips on how to help make sure your workouts are as close to being perfect as possible.

A well-rounded fitness program should include aerobic/cardio exercise, resistance training and stretching.
For starters, mix it up!  When you first start an exercise program, it can be tough to find an activity you love doing.  Once you do find one that really agrees with you, you'll want to keep at it, daily.  But after a while, you need to switch things up.  Your body adapts quickly, sometimes in a matter of just a week or two.  And once that happens, your body doesn't have to work as hard and you end up burning fewer calories.  That's why it's important to mix things up.  Make sure you have a well-rounded fitness program that includes aerobic/cardio exercise, resistance training and stretching.  (Like I've been telling you to do for years.)  In fact, I like to alternate aerobic exercise and strength-training every other day and use the 7th day of the week for an hour-long walk.  If you're a gym-goer, try a new piece of exercise equipment every now and then to see how well you do.  Your body will love the challenge and you'll be getting stronger, too.
If you have a workout buddy, that's excellent.  It's a great way to encourage and keep you both motivated.  Just remember, the time you two, (or three), spend working out is for getting fit.  If you can easily carry on a conversation while working out, chances are you're not working out hard enough.  Don't dismiss your workout buddy, but you both need to remember to spend more time sweatin' and save most of the conversation time for later, when you're rewarding yourselves with an ice-cold bottle of water...after you're finished.
Some people sweat more than others but you should have some visible sweat during an hour-long workout.
If you're not breaking out in a good sweat during your workout, it could be because your exercise routine is too easy.  Some people sweat more than others but you should still have some visible sweat, especially during an hour-long workout.  Pick up the pace to push yourself into the sweat zone.  Don't overdo it and risk hurting yourself.  But do try to put more energy into that workout so you begin to see your body glistening with some sweat.  
How are your workouts going these days?  You'll know you're working at the right intensity if your workouts feel challenging.  But you don't want them to be so hard that you find yourself not completing that full hour of workout time.  Maintain a good pace, get that sweat going, have fun and I'm betting you'll end up enjoying the perfect workout...everyday!