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Thursday, 05 May 2016

Hey, not today anyway.  It's CINCO DE MAYO!  There's just too much fun to be had!  Okay, okay, not to worry.  This is not going to be a political Daily Message, that's not my style anyway.  It's just that today, instead of talking about building a wall that separates our country from our south of the border neighbors, I want to CELEBRATE Mexico as our cousins to the south.

Many Americans get into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo. 


Many Americans get into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo and a lot of them think of today as Mexico's Independence Day, their version of our own 4th of July.  But that's not the case.  Mexican independence is celebrated on September 16.  Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates the Mexican army's victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5, 1882 and it was a huge victory for Mexico over France.  But okay, enough with the history lesson.
Today, it seems Cinco de Mayo has become as much an American holiday as a Mexican one.  Wait, how did that happen?  For one thing, all we Americans need is an excuse to party and...EAT!  And that's exactly what a lot of Americans, whether they were born in Mexico or here in the United States, will be doing today.  Here in good-old Los Angeles, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated big time.  That's because of southern California's long history of having people of Mexican ancestry living here, actually long before California was "settled" by Europeans.  And like I said, my fellow Angelenos will really be partying today.  But the truth is, American cities from coast to coast will be getting into the Cinco de Mayo spirit.  How about you?
I'm betting some of the Mexican eateries in your town are having Cinco de Mayo parties of some kind today.  And look out for the food, mi amigos!  LOL.  Oh, the burritos, the tacos, the quesadillas, the rice, the beans the...oh!  My favorite Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles is Pacos Tacos and...let me stop talking, I'm getting hungry!  And we haven't even gotten to the margaritas yet, oh my.  Or should I say...OLE!
My best friend and housekeeper, Teresa, is a native of Mexico.
My best friend and housekeeper, Teresa, is a native of Mexico.  She wass born and raised there.  I've even been to her hometown and visited her family, such wonderful people they are, making me immediately feel like a member of their family.  Today, Teresa is a proud American citizen and did it all the right way.  And oh yeah, as an American citizen, she also has the right to vote.  (Hear that, Donald?  LOL.)  
But seriously, if you're celebrating Cinco de Mayo today, please be careful with all of that wonderful Mexican food you may be tempted by.  In my travels all over our country, I've noticed that Mexican restaurants are as common now as Asian or Italian restaurants, and have even become part of our fast food culture.  Hey, I see as many Taco Bells as I do McDonalds!  LOL.  The point is, whichever kind of ethnic food suits your fancy, remember, it's all about moderation.  Eat sensibly today and be sure to count whatever you eat on your FoodMover.  (Like you should be doing everyday.)
We're all much more alike than we are different from each other.
Honestly, I learned while visiting Teresa's family and from meeting people from all over the world, the one thing we all have in common is our humanity.  In spite of our different customs and no matter the countries we're from, I've discovered we're all much more alike than we are different .  And if I may get just a little political, we shouldn't be building walls to separate ourselves from each other.  Let's build emotional bridges so that we all become closer to each other.  Believe me, that's something I've done all my life.
So whichever side of the border you may live, HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO, MEXICO & AMERICA!  Go ahead and party but do be careful with those margaritas!