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Monday, 01 September 2014

Well-a, well-a, huh...tell me more, tell me more!  Oh, GREASE!  I'm talking about the original movie with Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta!  It was one of the biggest summer movie hits of 1978 and will always be one of my all-time favorites.  The dancing and the music, not to mention that sweet love-affair between the stars, Olivia and John were all great.  Grease was like the epitome of summer FUN!  But have you taken a look at your calendar?  That's right, it's the first day of SEPTEMBER and, (sniff), that means our summer fun & nights are coming to an end!



And to really send the message home, the 2014 calendar even had the nerve to make LABOR DAY on this first day of the month.  So that means we have to wish each other a HAPPY LABOR DAY and a HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SEPTEMBER!  I guess this year's calendar really wanted to let us know that summer is at an end.  LOL. Well, not technically.  Summer officially ends in about three weeks, but just like Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff for the beginning of summer, Labor Day is the season's unofficial end.  Drat!

But the good news is many of you got a three-day holiday weekend to send this summer out in style.  So what do you have planned for today?  That last summer picnic or barbecue?  A day at the beach?  Tell me more, tell me more!  LOL.  Well, since today is sort of like a double-pronged red-letter date, I hope you'll make the best of it.  DO get in your last fling with summer.  But if it involves food, I don't want you flinging too much barbecue or potato salad on your plates.  Make this "last" long summer weekend count!

And by the way, for those of your blessed enough to be gainfully-employed on this Labor Day, I do want you to count...your blessings.  True, our economy is in better shape than it was a few years ago so.  Thankfully, more people have jobs now than during the heyday of the great recession of 2008.  And today is all about celebrating the men and women who helped build this country by reporting to their jobs five days a week and, for some people, six or seven days a week.  (Hope you're getting that overtime pay!)  I salute all of you hard-working Americans out there.  Your jobs not only help provide a more secure life for your families but having a job to go to is just as good for your mind and body, too.

Today, I want you to have one last day of summer fun with your families.


Speaking of your bodies, the first day of the month is usually reserved for my beginning of the new month pep-talk.  But since we got a holiday on this first day of September, I'm gonna be giving you that talk tomorrow.  (So be sure to come back, ya' hear?  LOL.)  But today, I want you to have one last day of summer fun with your families.  If you're at a picnic or cookout today, when it comes to the food choices you make, the last thing I want on your mind this afternoon is, well...GREASE!  Eat healthy on this Labor Day and, even though you might have a day off from work, there's one bit of "labor" I want you to still do.  And that is to get in your hour of sweatin' time.  Okay?!

Summer days, drifting away...good-bye summer nights.  Just don't say good-bye to your weight-loss efforts and keep on working hard taking care of YOU!  (Do I need to tell you more?)