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Thursday, 23 October 2014

They're all connected,  Did you know that?  I think most people are aware of the mind & body connection.  That is, how your mental processes can actually affect your physical well-being.  They really are quite connected.  For instance, if you're startled or frightened, your heart begins to race.  If you're embarrassed in a social situation, you're very likely to end up blushing.  When you think of something that makes you happy, a smile is likely to cross your face.  (I really like that one.)  Time spent meditating can even help lower your blood pressure.  So, you see, there really is a connection between your mental and physical state.
Your body is very expressive to others but can also help make you more confident in yourself.
There's growing evidence that your body position, the posture you assume, even the gestures you make can influence how you think, how you feel about yourself or how you behave.  For example, if you wrinkle your nose, an unpleasant odor may smell even more unpleasant to you. Arch your eyebrows and you may end up more surprised by something you read or hear.  Your body is very expressive to others but can also help make you more confident in yourself.  And, the good news is, it makes others more likely to see that confidence in you. 
Consider this: Just sitting up straight in your chair at work is a simple "power pose" you may not have even give a second thought.  But you should.  According to one study, that little power pose can strengthen how you feel about yourself.  In the study, participants were asked to write down their strengths and weaknesses.  Those who completed the list while sitting up straight, chest out and with a confident posture rated themselves higher and had more confidence in their abilities.  On the other hand, those people who sat in a slumped, more face-down position, in a weak and doubtful posture had a harder time coming up with great things to say about their abilities.  How are YOU sitting?  How do YOU look to your co-workers or the other people in your life?
To improve your mood, SMILE  more often.
Want another way to improve the way others see you and how you see yourself?  To improve your mood, SMILE more often.  Smiling can actually help you feel better about yourself.  It can help lower your heart rate when performing difficult or stressful tasks.  There's even a study from 1988 that says putting those smile muscles to work in your face can actually make a funnier situation seem even funnier to you.  But get this, in contrast, frowning or keeping a sour look on your face can have an immediate negative effect on your mood.  Now I don't like the sound of that!
What does your body say about the state of your mind?  If you harbor negative thoughts all of the time, they'll affect the way you stand, sit, move and interact with other people.  If you're giving off negative, bad vibrations, chances are they're going to end up coming right back to you with the people you're involved with on a daily basis.  Be aware of those signals you're putting out there.  Sit up straight, make direct eye contact with people, try to maintain a pleasant attitude as often as you can and, oh yeah...SMILE MORE!  Because what's on your mind affects your body and the signals it sends are going to affect your soul.
So keep your body, mind and soul working together to help you have a better day...everyday!