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Summer 2014 Update!


*The Good Ole Summertime!.....a Message fromRICHARD*


*How WE can ALL make a BIG difference right now!*

*PE News:  at Home and in Saudi Arabia*

*From RICHARD to YOU!*

A Personal Message from RICHARD:

Hello and welcome to the "hazy, crazy days" of Summer my dear friends!  I hope where you live, the harsh winter of 2014 is over.......and the long hours of beautiful summer sunshine are brightening your days.  Now, school may be of session, but, our mission to improve not only the physical education, but overall education of our future generations....never takes a break!  My team and I......with your amazing support and help......continue to gently, but regularly, remind our leaders of this important issue.  I know they are very, very, busy with many, many issues, and this sort of effort takes much time, but as my good friend, Representative George Miller says....."When adults work together, kids win".  Couldn't have said it better myself George!  So, we continue to remind Congress by sending our support letters, and...... help the brave and incredible teachers on the front lines in the meantime......(please see below for an exciting way to do that right now)!  Have a WONDERFUL summer everyone, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!  Love, Richard.

The PHYSICAL ACT (PE and HEALTH as CORE Subjects) continues to gain "several" new co-sponsors, and our Washington contacts tell us that we need to "keep the drumbeat of support going strong" for it..... and the FIT Kids ACT (provisions for, and monitoring of, PE and PA), so thatBOTH bills are included in all drafts of the new Education Law. (Unfortunately, it's very possible that the new Education bill won't be moved forward until the next Congress.)  If you haven't written and reminded your Congresspersons or Senators in a while, here's an easy link, and thank you!  The squeaky wheel is never ignored.

How we can ALL help right NOW:
While the wheels of Congress may turn slowly, very slowly........there are things we can all do right now, to make a real difference.

1.  Richard's dear friend, Katie Couric, recently profiled an incredible organization, Donor's Choose, on her show.  Started grassroots, by a dedicated teacher, all too familiar with funding shortages that teachers often make up with their own money.......Donor's Choose allows us to make a donation of ANY SIZE....none is too help fund classroom projects, including PE.  The projects can range from simple classroom supplies like pencils, art supplies, a basketball.... to Field Trips and printers.  Click here to see the projects real teachers, in real classrooms, need us to help make happen,.... and please...pass the word!: Teachers ask. You choose. 
2.  Our good friends at HealthCorps........Dr. Oz's wonderful Service Organization that provides High Schools with Health Education Coordinators, are accepting applications for the 2014-2016 cohort.  Click here for more details and see how you, or a young educator you may know, can become involved: 
HealthCorps Coordinator 

PE News at Home and Around the World:
The American College of Sports Medicine, a long time, devoted partner in the cause, will soon be publishing the first ever.........Evidence Based Position Stand on Physical Activity and Academic Achievement in Youth.  The compiled latest research, from the laboratory, and in the field, that we need to support our one concise document.  Stay tuned.........
Published by the Huffington Post, April 11, 2014:  Saudi Arabia is currently facing a health crisis, as a study found that 44% of Saudi women are obese".  The kingdom's advisory Shoura Council voted 92-18 to advise the Ministry of Education, to "look in to girl's PE classes", "with the caveat that all classes conform to sharia regulations regarding attire and gender segregation".

From RICHARD to you!:
We know that many of you can't join Richard for a one of a kind workout all the way in Los here's a little bit of Motivation to get you movin' this summer!!!!  Have a lovely one!



And, as Always........thank you Ask America Supporters,

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